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Pegas 30" Scroll Saw

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7 reviews
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Part #: PEGAS-30-Scroll-Saw
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Pegas® Scroll Saw - 30 Inch Throat Depth

Pegas® Scroll Saws are high-precision tools, which with a minimum amount of maintenance, will provide reliable service and great satisfaction for many years.

Each scroll saw purchase also comes with:

  • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty and Bear Woods Support ongoing with easy access to technicians
  • Sample Kit of 18 Pegas® Scroll Saw Blades
  • Assembly and Usage Instructions 
  • Detailed Blade Selection Chart
  • Replacement Parts for the Pegas® Blade Chuck Head


Why is the  Pegas® Scroll Saw better?

This precision machined tool features a time-tested design enhanced by Swiss engineering. The Pegas® Scroll Saw features a tilting-arm design that allows you to cut on an angle while the table stays flat. The arm tilts 45-degrees to the left and 35-degrees to the right (because of the dust collection nozzle). The top arm lifts, which makes it easy to top or bottom feed the scroll saw blades. The variable speed control, which sits on the top of the saw arm (in the front near the power switch) allows you to adjust from 400 to 1,500 rpms.

The saw comes complete with the revolutionary Pegas® Blade Chuck Heads (a $95 value). These lightweight blade chucks grip blades better and reduce vibration. It also features a non-stick heavy-duty thick epoxy coating on the table that allows the projects to just glide around and reduces the chance of corrosion.

A Saw Stand and Foot Switch are available as add-ons.


Pegas® Scroll Saws Offer Many Valuable Benefits!

    • The Head can be tilted by 45°-35° to left or right. The blade tilts rather than the table to achieve better control, precision and comfort.


    • The Upper Arm lifts to allow easy and rapid blade changes: a real advantage for work involving various interior cuts - this makes threading blades a whole lot easier!


    • Even quicker blade changing thanks to the Pegas® Blade Chuck Heads. The manual blade-clamping system does not require the use of a tool. Meanwhile the tensioning system allows the same tension to be applied to the blade whenever it is changed.


    • Easy access to the start/stop switch and the speed regulator, positioned on the front of the upper arm.


    • Made of sheet steel with 7 mm thick solid table top (13.5 x 30 inches) with special coating for enhanced smoothness


  • The onboard dust blower paired with the dust collector provide direct and efficient dust extraction.
    To attach your vacuum to the dust collection port, you can slide a hose inside the port, or use expansion or reducing sleeves to connect your dust collection system.


We also carry a 21" Pegas Scroll Saw, click here to check it out

Specifications 30" Scroll Saw from Pegas
Throat Depth (Blade to the back of the saw) 30 inches
Total Length | Width | Height 46.1 inches | 16.8 inches | 19.7 inches
Blade Tilt Range 45/35º
Max Cutting Depth 2.05 inches
Speed RPM | Motor 400 - 1400 RPM |1.5 Amp on 110V
Table Size 13.5 inches wide  x 30 inches deep
Weight | Origin 104 lbs | Taiwan

1 year parts warranty.
Please inspect the saw upon unboxing and notify us immediately of anything you see that concerns you. Service directly from the manufacturer via their office in New Jersey, USA.  Need support on the saw? We'll provide you with contact information to speak to trained service staff who also has the support of a highly trained technician.  From time to time a part will need servicing beyond what we can help with by phone and sending parts.  In those cases, we'll arrange for the saw to be sent to New Jersey.

Average rating:
average rating 100%
7 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

average rating 100%
Fantastic 12/15/2022
By John Henson
Okay, I must admit that I have been using another brand (an excellent saw) for close to 35 years and didn't think anything could come close to the quality of that saw. I was WRONG!!!! A very good friend talked me into getting the 30" Pegas. Best advice that I could have gotten. My new Pegas is beyond belief. Right out of the box it cuts true, no vibration and so easy to change blades. Best purchase I have made in 40 years.
average rating 100%
Great machine 10/19/2023
By Matt Humby
This saw does not disappoint. I upgraded from the 21"scroll saw and the extra length makes cutting larger pieces so much easier. The same great qualities that I loved in the 21" Pegas are the found in the 30" also. It is a sloid machine with very little to no vibration. The chuck heads on the Pegas make changing blades a breeze. I could not be happier that I upgrade.
average rating 100%
Great saw and customer service. 01/05/2023
By David E Margretta
The saw shipped extremely fast. Great quality as expected. Probably more than I need, but I could do it so I did. The upper blade chuck was cracked when it arrived, but one call to Bear Woods and they had Grober sending a replacement right away. Very happy with the experience. Thank you.
average rating 100%
Can't wait 06/23/2023
By Robert Ward
I have used Bear Woods for many years with supplies for scrolling. Naturally it was no question when it was time to purchase a new scroll saw who to go to! I look forward to receiving my saw and continuing the relationship we have built together.
average rating 100%
Patiently waiting 02/07/2023
Although I need a scroll saw now, I am willing to wait until the Pegas 30" is available. I hope my patience pays off with a superior machine instead of the yellow one I could buy for much less money.
average rating 100%
good saw 12/14/2023
By Matthew Werner
I've been using the Pegas 30" saw doing marquetry for several weeks now and am very happy with it.
average rating 100%
Awesome Process 07/09/2024
By Lee Brunson
fast shipping, no issues, Great product.
Shipping Details

Shipping Details
Shipping Comes directly from our New Jersey Warehouse via UPS - Please pay as instructed at checkout.

Inspection Lamp

Inspection Lamp$77.20


Scroll Saw Stand

Pegas Scroll Saw Stand$133.25


Beginner Blade Pack

Beginner Blade Pack $61.50


Deadman Foot Switch

Deadman Foot Switch$33.50

Shipping Details

Shipping Details
Shipping Comes directly from our New Jersey Warehouse via UPS - Please pay as instructed at checkout.

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