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Scroll Saw Chuck Heads by Pegas - For DeWalt & Delta

Average rating:
average rating 96%
178 reviews
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Upgrade your Scroll Saw with Pegas Blade Chuck Heads

Made for Delta and DeWalt Scroll Saws

The Regular Pegas Blade Clamp will also work well for the DeWalt - this option has a blade tensioner for easy blade changing!

Set of Upper and Lower Scroll Saw Blade Clamp Replacements. These Blade Chuck Heads” (also known as Blade Clamps) were developed in Switzerland by Pégas in association with the HEIG engineering school in Yverdon. 

The studies and the tests demonstrated that the weight of these heads is in direct relation with the service life and the vibrations of the machine.

See Steve Good of the Scroll Saw Workshop's full review, plus detailed assembly instructions.

This Set includes lower and upper blade clamps compatible with the Dewalt DW788-20 inch scroll saw, and the Delta 40-694-20 inch scroll saw.  Works perfectly for BOTTOM and TOP feeding scrollers.

1) These new heads are slightly lighter than the original Dewalt/Delta Chuck Heads which puts less stress on the mechanical parts of the saw and reduces vibration. 

2) Changing Blades is easier and faster

4) Protection of the mechanical parts of the scroll saw.

5) The assembly of these new Heads is very simple and takes only a few minutes.

Note - The Set Screws and Thumb Screws are wear parts on any blade clamps, and should be replaced every few months or couple of years depending on how much you use your scroll saw - Click here to see our selection of renewal kits.


Blade Chuck Version Comparison Components

Suitable For Which Saws

Reviews and Assembly Instructions

The Original
Top and Bottom Scroll Saw Blade Clamps plus Tension Lever

Suitable for all EXCALIBUR (green, Anniversary and black models), EXCELSIOR, SEYCO ST-21 and KING Scroll Saws. 

*** Lots of people are already loving them for the DeWalt 788 and Delta 690 as well.

Review by Steve Good.


Top and Bottom Clamp replacement (No tension lever as there is one at the front of these saws) For DeWalt 788 and Delta 690 Review by Steve Good.


Bottom Blade Clamp replacement. (Want to change both clamps? Order the Original. JET JWSS-22 Scroll Saw.  See Steve's comments in the post on the Original. Review by Steve Good. 

Photos are taken from Steve Good's Blog post referenced above.  Pegas Blade Clamps are a quick and easy replacement for your scroll saw.


Aeronautical Grade Aluminum clamp.

There is a swivel on the end of the thumb screw that contacts with the blade. Instead of the blade spinning when you tighten it down, the swivel stays in place on the blade allowing the thumb screw to rotate without turning the blade.

Renewal Kits also available - to replace the components that come into contact with the blade.  Click here to order some.

Average rating:
average rating 96%
178 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

average rating 100%
Scroll Saw Chuck Heads by Pegas 03/20/2019
I have ordered three sets now, two for me and one for a friend. I think they are the greatest thing I have ever done to my Dewalt saw. I now have no blade slippage and broken blades. Bow I saw until the blade is dull and then replace the blade. They are worth every penny they cost.
average rating 100%
Pegas Blades and Chuck Head 12/16/2018
By John Facchin
Review is from a perspective of experienced woodworker however novice to scroll saw use.

Pégas saw blades are smoother and faster cutting than other high end blades. Because that is true I believe they last longer between blade changes.

Pégas blade chucks are easier to clamp the blades in the lower chuck head. I had difficulties with my new Dewalt 788 chuck heads twisting or bending blades in lower check head which was very frustrating. Significant reduction in time changing blades is a big improvement. Pégas chuck heads run very smoothly.

Bear Woods provided adequate delivery updates on both deliveries however I will not wait until almost out of blades to reorder as delivery is 5-10 days. Planning ahead is key to doing anything better. I am a bit surprised at the several additions needed to improve the Dewalt scroll saw experience. Pégas blades and church head clamps, lift arm, pedal switch, magnified lighting, work top base prep to reduce friction and stand.
average rating 100%
Nice Upgrade 04/26/2019
By Rory Hermann
As an amateur scroll saw user I have been especially frustrated by frequent blade changes on projects with many cutouts. Every time I need to move the blade to a new hole, I find that I must straighten the ends of the blades. They curve where they are cinched to chuck heads by the thumb screws. I have installed the Pegas chuck heads to my DeWalt scroll saw. They fit very well and the adjustable thumb screws should eliminate the blade end curves and the occasional slipping blades. I have not completed any major projects, so the efficiency of the blade chucks remains to be tested. A couple of other quick comments: 1) The chucks arrived several days before the projected date. Good shipping. The blade chucks were very well protected and made of milled aluminum. 2) I was disappointed that there were no instructions very removing the old chucks and installing the new ones. I researched a “You Tube” video which helped but I would have preferred at least a printed schematic. V. Ple
average rating 60%
Pegas Chuck Heads 07/23/2018
By Gail Sivey
First I want to thank Bear Woods on this purchase. I was kept informed on everything that was going to happen. My chuck heads arrived just when I was told to expect them. I am still on the fence regarding the Pegas Chuck Heads. After I got them installed on my Delta scroll saw I noticed a lot of vibration that I never experienced before. I turned down the speed of the saw and the vibration went away. I also noticed that the blades tracked straighter and no side to side movement. After using the saw and cutting out various projects on different woods, I tried 3/4" pine and a Pegas #2 skip tooth blade. Turned the saw up to full speed and I thought the saw was going to jump off its stand. I forgot Pegas blades were very sharp and it took off but the vibration was extreme. I had to turn the speed down again. I have not figured out how to fix the vibration, but I do like the tracking of the blade better. Maybe someone from Bear Woods can give me some ideas to try.
average rating 100%
Major Upgrade to DW788 01/27/2019
By John Hackler
I saw some online reviews for the Pegas Chuck Heads about the same time as I was experiencing problems with blades slipping in my Dewalt DW788 factory chuck heads. I decided that it might be worth a try, and am I glad I did! The Pegas chuck heads came in a hard plastic case with form-fitted liner to hold each of the heads and the mounting sleeves. No instructions were included, but YouTube videos show how easy it is to install them. The heads themselves appear to be extremely well made, and once I had them on the saw, I experienced noticeably less vibration. I did not have to crank down on the adjusting knobs to tighten the blades, which brings up one quibble. For my original heads, I had purchased some oversize aluminum knobs as an upgrade to help with tightening the blade. The design of the knobs on the Pegas chuck heads is such that I can no longer use these, but that seems to be a minor trade-off. I highly recommend this upgrade to your saw.
average rating 100%
Fantastic blade clamps 11/13/2018
By Vincent McClelland
The clamps are great, install is a snap, allen wrench and a socket, both in metric, old parts off, new parts in, just a bit of lube inside the bearings before you put the new sleeves in the arms on your saw, they are needle bearings inside the arms, and tighten it all back down.
Using the new clamps, I have the style with the tension lever, I used them on my DW 788 and they do work, and work well, so smooth and easy to tighten, just push lever forward and its tight, I set the main lever on the saw to its full setting, the one that rotates on the DW 788 that is, other then that, its great, one of the better up-grades out there for your saw and I know there are a lot of them out there.
Its not a waste of money, if your saw is near 2 years old as mine is, it is something to think about, you may not notice how the clamps are till you take the old ones off, I know, I learned about mine when I did the up-grade.
average rating 100%
Pegas blade chucks 07/09/2018
I purchased the Pegas blade chucks and noticed the difference right away, I had been having a strange sound coming from my 788, it sounded like it was in the back rocker arm but to my amazement it was the Dewalt factory blade chucks, the noise has gone away. I would recommend that when changing the blade chucks, it makes installation much easier to remove the table from the saw, after about 15 minutes of trying to put the bottom chuck on and working around the table, it hit me! Duhhhh! I also use the thumb screw knobs that Steve Good designed and found that by placing the chuck nuts on the left side makes it easier to use them. overall I would give the Pegas chucks five stars, I would also rate Bear Woods 5 stars also and recommend the Pegas blade chucks over the factory installed chucks. I did also notice that the lower chuck bearing had signs of wearing out, I have only had the saw for 7 months.
average rating 100%
Excellent replacement heads 08/03/2018
By Nevada Woodchuck
I found the only thing lacking was included instructions, however if you go to See Steve Good of the Scroll Saw Workshop for detailed instructions you won't be disappointed. I found that they were easy to install, fit is excellent, as is the workmanship of each piece. Just be sure to align the blade before attaching them and save yourself some grief. For a few dollars more than the DeWalt heads I believe the quality more than makes up for the difference in price. They work the same as the original heads, and will probably outlast them. I do a lot of fret-work so these will be getting a real workout. Assembly took me more than a few minutes as I had to remove the table in order to replace the lower head, but then my saw sits low to the ground and working on my hands and knees it out of the question. All-in-all a good buy, and I would not hesitate recommending them as replacement heads.
average rating 80%
Pegas blade clamp-DeWalt 07/11/2018
By Steven Prensky
I bought the Pegas blade clamp for my DeWalt DW788 because the original ones needed replacing. The blades slipped and bent the bottom part of the blade(hockey stick syndrome). The new clamps are packaged very nicely, they look great and are easy to replace.
In the center of the small arms are bearings that should be cleaned and regreased before installing new clamps. I used Super Lube synthetic.
The set screws are a little bigger diameter than stock, which might help with holding the blade and have a lock nut which is a nice feature, no Loctite needed.
I will agree with Steve Good and say that if your clamps need replacing, for a little more money you can get these that look great and work a little better.
average rating 100%
Happy with product 12/20/2020
By Ken Stone
The chuck head is miss mill (to wide)according to Bear customer service this problem should be noted item description I have waited over five weeks for shims to correct this. Bear should note all this in product description but don't fearing lost sells. I talk to Pegas rep and he said same thing about there chuck heads were over size due to some Dewalt Scroll saws were made in China. All this put aside i did install shims (three sent first time wasn't enough) which are very thin washers and finally was successful in getting it to tighten
all this could be avoidable if washers were included and instructions in delivery of chuck
heads, i purchased the heads with blade tension level
average rating 100%
Great Product 11/04/2018
By Joseph Tate
OK, the Pegas chuck heads for my Dewalt is a huge upgrade. The blade changing is much easier, and there is even a little less vibration than there was with the original. Everything about the usage is smoother, and it not only is packaged nicely, but they even look better.
I have a complaint that relates to the time it took for me to receive the product and I'm not sure what Bear Woods can do to improve it. I paid for UPS shipping, made it clear that I was pretty desperate for the parts, but it took 11 days to get here. This was also the case the last time I ordered blades from Bear Woods. I'm sorry, but this issue will affect my future ordering decisions.

Our responseThanks for letting us know about the slow service from UPS. We will look into that. It really is frustrating. We value your input and do hope we can serve you again. The Pegas Chuck Heads are popular. Thanks for the awesome feedback.
average rating 100%
Pegas chucks 09/23/2018
By Randy Beauchene
Installed the Pegas chuck on my DeWalt and am very satisfied. Far less vibration, blade bending and breakage. Followed Steve Goods recommendations, installation was quick and easy. When installing the chucks, I also found bolts that hold the rocker arm and strut were loose, tightened them up and installed the chucks. (These are the arms the chucks attach to.) Service from Bear Woods is excellent, received my entire order on time. This was my first order from Bear Woods, very satisfied with their service and the performance and quality of their products. I ordered a set of chucks for my second saw along with more of the Pegas blades.
average rating 80%
4 1/2 Stars 11/24/2023
By Mahlen Petry
You can tell this is a quality product, just from the packaging. Everything was packed in a case with hard foam cutouts for the pieces. Very nice. And the clamps have a much larger holding/clamping area for the blade than the original clamps. The 1/2 star reduction was for the instructions. There were none! Zero. Nada. It wasn't that difficult to figure out, but just some Ikea-like pics would've been nice. And the clamp attachment screw nuts were really clamped on tightly right out of the package. I thought I might bend the hex wrench loosing them. But this is a definite improvement over the original DeWalt clamps. Highly recommended.
average rating 100%
Even better than expected 06/17/2020
By Larry Tennant
The Pegas scroll saw chuck heads for my DeWalt shipped immediately and arrived right on schedule. I am very appreciative for the prompt action by the Bear Woods team.

I was a little skeptical until I put these on my saw. I have been struggling blades remaining tight with the factor heads. The Pegas immediately solved this problem. The change made the saw run smoother than before, making intricate cuts easier to control.

Installation took about 20 minutes, 10 of them spent trying to remember where I put my Allen wrenches.

This is a great upgrade for your DeWalt. I wish I had bought them earlier.
average rating 100%
OMG, Big difference 02/26/2019
By Dolcie Crawford
Oh My Goodness, what a big difference. I have a Dewalt 788 that likes to vibrate lots when I cut on some of my wood. People give me a lot of warped pine boards. because they are very thoughtful of wanting to save me money and help with my projects. Well, because I make a lot of small things (toys), I cut down the length of the board to minimize the warp and use the most of it. No matter what I do with the "warped" boards they still had a vigorous vibration with the old chuck heads. My new Pegas heads took out a lot of the vibration and made my cutting a whole lot easier. Best investment I have made in a long time.
average rating 100%
Great Upgrade 12/31/2021
By Marvin Thompson
I recently installed the Pegas chuck on my Delta scroll saw. What a difference, a real game changer. I never was satisfied with the stock chucks. They didn't hold under finger pressure and I had to resort to fabricating a tool to fit over the knobs to tighten them enough. Even then the bottom clamp kept loosening resulting in bent and broken blades. After over 40 hours of using the Pegas chucks I have had zero instances of the chuck coming loose and breaking a blade. I can now snug the chucks down by hand and be assured they will stay snug. Installation and set up was a breeze. Spend the money, you won't regret it.
average rating 100%
Pegas chuck heads 08/30/2018
By Joseph Bryant
The pegas chuck head works very well so far the only concern I have is there is some side to side movement in the chuck heads , the little barrel that comes with the heads is to long and it stops the nut from squeezing the head tight against the are so it has about a 1/16 of a inch gap between the head and the arm , but so for its cutting straight and my blades don't slip anymore, and the only other thing that bothers me was it took 10 days from when I ordered it to get here but it wasn't bearwood's fault it was the mail just being slow
average rating 100%
***** 01/27/2023
By Robert Williams
I bought blades and sand paper before this time I bought the Pegas Chuck heads and blades. The Chuck heads were a big improvement on my dewalt saw the Pegas blades are always great. The best thing was the costumer service I called on a holiday left a message and was called back that day. The gentleman that me back was very costumer oriented he talked to me like he knew me. He knew his business because everything I asked he gave me the answer. When I get ready to buy a Pegas they will be where I get it from. Thanks bearwood.
average rating 100%
Pegas Blade Clamps 09/30/2018
By John Morgan
I had recently installed replacement blade clamps on my DeWalt scroll saw and the saw just seemed “off”. There was a lot of vibration and the cuts weren’t very smooth. I purchased the Pegas clamps for the DeWalt. I was surprised at what all came with the upgrade kit - clamps, bearing races, bolts and new knobs. It only took a few minutes to remove the old clamps, lube the bearings, and install the new Pegas clamps. Now my 18 yr old Type 1 saw is humming along like it was meant to. Great product/great seller!
average rating 100%
Upgraded Pegas clamps 12/20/2020
By Zoe Higel
Bearwoods didn’t have the clamps available that were made for Dewalt and I’m so glad they didn’t because I had to purchase the upgraded ones with the lever on the upper clamp. These don’t say they’re made for Dewalt but they work great! I’m so glad I got these instead of the regular ones. The lever makes it so much easier to change blades and my tension never needs adjusting. I absolutely love these! Best hundred dollars I’ve ever spent for my scroll saw! Thank you bearwood supplies!
average rating 60%
NO Instructions!! 01/23/2020
By M W
After installing the Pegas heads three different times trying to figure out to get them in correctly I finally figured it out. One would have thought a $64 part would have some instructions, but NO. The online video wasn’t much help either. Too bad Pegas couldn’t mark the parts too and bottom, too bad Pegas couldn’t insert the set screw assembly on the correct side.
Made a few practice cuts and new heasd seem to work well, but the installation wasn’t good!!

Our responseThanks for your feedback. We have since posted additional install videos on the product page and sent feedback to Pegas.
average rating 100%
What a Team 07/18/2018
By John Seltenrich
Bear Woods and Pegas Blades. Both are Outstanding and a winning combination. My main projects are intricate fretwork scenes. Since I installed my new Pegas Chuck Heads, my Dewalt 788 seems to run smoother. I started using the 2/0 straight blades in 1/4 inch Baltic Birch plywood and found that my cuts went faster and smoother. The combination of new blades and chuck heads allowed me to last longer doing what I like to do. Thanks to all the folks at Bear Woods
average rating 100%
Wow! 10/27/2019
By Rick Heth
I am SO happy I discovered these Blade Clamps for my Delta Scroll Saw! It is rare to actually find that a product lives up to its claims, but these exceeded my expectations. Obviously, attention to detail was present throughout the design AND manufacturing phases of this product! Not only is the improved blade retention characteristic noticeable, but my confidence is high that it won't deteriorate like the saw's original parts tend to do.
average rating 100%
Chuck heads for DW 788 02/19/2019
By Lee Erickson
I decided to replace the original chuck heads on my DW 788 after reading favorable reviews. Best decision I've made in a long time. They hold the blades great and I feel I am able to make precision fret work cuts with greater accuracy and confidence. It was a very solid investment. As others have said, it's best to remove the table to install the bottom chuck! Easy replacement process. Just make sure you have a 3 mm hex wrench.
average rating 60%
Sl-o-o-o-w shipping 02/18/2019
By Dave Peterson
The items are fine. My beef is with the time it took to receive my order. I chose the lowest cost shipping Small packet USA air, which unfortunately comes with no tracking, which is itself a frustration when there is a slow delivery. The two items I ordered on Jan 29 were shipped on Jan. 31, and I finally received them Feb. 14. Fifteen days...this could have been sent by bicycle courier and arrived faster than that!
average rating 100%
Highlight 09/21/2020
By Alvin Davenport
Thanks Eden for your help and your reply to my review. I returned the Pegas Chuck by USPS on 9-4-2020. The cost for the return was $12.25. I ask the postal clerk if there was any way to know when you would receive the package and she said there was no way. It took appx. 2 weeks to receive the item, so I figure it will take 2 or more to return and I did not get a tracking number. Thanks again for your help!!!!
average rating 100%
Solid build quality 09/28/2020
By Brent Suyama
I bought these chucks from Pegas after reading several reviews. My Delta chucks were ok, but felt like it was missing something. The new Pegas heads seemed to just hold the blades better. I would suggest these or even the original Pegas heads if you are considering a switch.

Great customer service from the Bear Woods team as always. Really quick shipping and arrival all the way out to Hawaii!
average rating 100%
Fantastic customer service 06/02/2021
By Chelsea Utley
I ordered the Pegas scroll saw chuck hesds for my Delta scroll saw. When I got them and installed them I noticed they were a tiny bit wobbly on my particular saw model. I called customer service and left a voicemail.
I got a call back but missed the call. She left a voicemail about the issue plus sent out shims for me so now my chuck heads fit perfectly. Fantastic customer service
average rating 100%
Great customer service and product! 08/25/2023
By Bobbie
Highly recommend! When product was out of stock customer service emailed me right away and offered options. Product arrived within time frame and I was able to install in time to get back to scrolling. I didn’t have to guess when the product was arriving. I was struggling with blades popping out after multiple years of use. This upgrade solved that problem. Thank-you!
average rating 100%
Great Quality 09/19/2020
By Alvin Davenport
Bear Woods did great on my order!! I am the problem, I ordered the wrong item. I ordered the SS-DW-Chuck. The item I want is SS-Pegas-Chuck. I received the item but I returned it on 9-4-2020 and have not heard anything. Please let me know as soon as you receive my return so I can order the item I should have ordered the first time. Thanks for your help!!
average rating 100%
Good products 11/18/2018
By David Heiser
The Pegas chuck heads made a noticeable improvement with my new Dewalt scroll saw. Less blade vibration and a more steady cut.
I have used various brands of scroll blades and decided to try the Pegas brand based on reviews. There is a definite quality improvement in comparison. The cut is smooth with better blade control. I am sold on these blades.
average rating 60%
Pegas head for Delta 07/09/2018
By Floyd Jines
I should have read the desc more carefully for the replacement head but looking at some of the pics I thought it had the tension lever. Even the pic that requested the review had a lever with the title it was for a Delta saw. As it ended up, it cost me for that $30 altogether for shipping to get the correct part.
average rating 100%
customer care 07/11/2018
By michel marcoux
I ordered scrollsaw head chuck for Dewalt 788.
arrived rapidely but I ordered wrong item. sent e-mail to wooparts and promptly had answer. Just had to pay for return cost and they took back unused item in the original packing.
Was very easy and satifying experience.
Will do business again .
average rating 100%
Better than OEM 07/04/2018
By larry ballard
It's nice to install parts that are manufactured with precision and care. These clamps are lighter, fit better and are easier to use than the original clamps. They are a bit faster to use because they leave the blade exactly in place while clamping. I especially like the lock nut feature.
average rating 100%
Pegas Scroll Saw Head 08/02/2018
Got the new parts installed with no problem. The saw takes tension and holds the blade firmly. I haven’t started any new projects as yet but the few test cuts I made were excellent. The saw, with new blade heads, is quiet and stable. Looks very promising. Cost was very satisfactory.
average rating 100%
They work very well 01/09/2021
By Dennis Allard
I noticed an immediate improvement in the smoothness of my DeWalt scroll saw. Very glad I purchased these. It would have been nice to have some instructions and list of tools required, or at least reference to Youtube videos, which saved the day for me. Overall your service was excellent.
average rating 100%
A Must for Your DW788 02/19/2023
By Richard Vaughn
The Pegas Scroll Saw Chuck Heads are an excellent replacement for the standard chuck heads. I can swap out blades so much faster than before. Installation is very easy. I have better visual contrast between the blade and the chuck head. I can install the blade the same every time.
average rating 100%
High Quality 06/07/2021
By Stephanie Lemes
This chuck head is amazing! I had bought a used scroll saw and the top chuck head had broken. So I decided to spring for this and get too and bottom new heads. It is such great quality and improved my saw 100%! Also, it arrived super quick as I live in the states. Highly recommend!!
average rating 100%
Happy with prices and speed of delivery 03/10/2019
By Mark Barr
As I have had some health issues that have limited my time in my basement workshop, I have not used any of the items that I ordered.

I can easily say that I am very happy with your prices and speed of delivery on the items that I ordered.

Thank You

Mark Barr
average rating 100%
Happy Customer 08/30/2019
By Hank Lee
I was more that pleased with the Pegas upgrade for the DeWalt. I checked it out just before adding the new heads and there was a light vibration; after adding the new heads, it was smoother AND easier to change blades. Just as the reviews said. I'm well pleased. Thank You!
average rating 100%
Very happy 01/05/2023
By Richard Meyer
I have a Delta scroll saw. The blade clamps have been giving me trouble for a while finally had an excuse to buy the Pegas clamp set when the factory clamp stripped.
They were very easy to install and made the saw run really smooth. Need to buy a set for my Dewalt saw
average rating 100%
Happy Camper 12/09/2020
By John C Wolfe
I have a Delta 40-694 and was having issues with lateral blade movement. Replacing the chucks with these provided me with the latitude to make adjustments and remove that side-to-side movement. I also like the tension quick release lever...makes for quick blade changes.
average rating 80%
could be better! 11/15/2019
By Michael Mathews
Upon installing my new Chuck Heads by Pegas, I noticed they had some side to side play. I wasn't happy with this so I made some 0.035" UHMW washers to go on one side of each clamp to take up the slop. Now my clamps still move freely but no longer slop left and right!
average rating 100%
Pegas chuck heads 12/07/2018
By Roland Lischalk
Pegas chuck heads are great. Easily installed even without instructions. Delta scrollsaw appears to run smoother. Blade changes are a breeze and tensioning (being automatic) is perfect every time. As a newbie to scrolling this product has helped dramatically.
average rating 100%
So Glad I found you 08/01/2019
By Duane Throckmorton
Your company is one of the best I have dealt with. I want to thank Steve Good for recommending you. Your service and selection is by far the best I have seen. I will be a loyal customer as long as you are in business. I would highly recommend you to everyone.
average rating 100%
What difference! 02/03/2022
By Luis M.
I had seen these chuck heads before but I did not have a compatible saw. I purchased a Delta Scroll saw and the first thing I bought were these chuck heads. What a difference, I have noticed. These heads are lighter and I sense greater control.
average rating 100%
Very Good Quality 03/04/2020
This is my second set of the Pegas chuck heads for my DW788 in a year and 6 months, the top chuck stripped out where the wing nut is tightened, mostly my fault for over tightening them. my machine is running great and love the chucks Very good Quality.
average rating 80%
Pegas Scrollsaw Chuck Heads 01/28/2019
By Ken Zorn
Shipping was fast. Installing the chuck heads on DeWalt 788 was relatively easy except one of the chuck heads needed a small amount of sanding to allow the bearing sleeve to go all the way through. Appears to have decreased the vibration slightly.
average rating 100%
Great Product 10/17/2018
By Bill
Best improvement I've done to my
dewalt. I can now hold the small blades in place without constantly resetting the blade. I wish I had done this much sooner. Thanks to Steve Good I thought would give them a try. A great recommendation from Steve.
average rating 100%
customer service 08/29/2019
By Richard William Reich
I could not use the chuck heads as Amazon back ordered the Delta scroll saw. I cancelled the Delta saw order bought the Pegas scroll saw from Bear Woods and it is fantastic. Bear Woods issued a refund for the original chuck head order; great service.

Thanks to Miter Mike - Michael Anthony Murray for this great install video.

Thanks to Cass from Stone Mill and Co - for this great install video.

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