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Kit - USA Made Standard Quartz Clock Mechanism with Hands for 8-9" Diameter Clock

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Part #: Q-K2
(8-9" Clock) Up to 3/8" Clock Face Material $12.00 (8-9" Clock) Up to 5/8" Clock Face Material $12.00
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Replacement Clock Mechanism and Hands for a 8-9" Diameter Clock

Trying to make, fix or replace your 8-9" Diameter Clock?

We offer kits suitable for both 5/8" thick and 3/8" thick clock bases. 

What is included with my purchase?

Standard Quartz Clock Mechanism, USA-Made by Takane

  • Accurate within 2 minutes to a year
  • Outdoor use OK if kept dry
  • Runs on 1 (AA) sized battery
  • Comes complete with hardware
  • Dimensions: 2-1/8 in x 2-1/8 in x 5/8 in
  • Threaded Shaft Diameter: 5/16 in

Black Spade Clock Hands, 3-3/8 in Length

  • Fits up to 8-9" dial diameter 
  • Includes hour and minute hand
  • Do NOT use too much pressure when installing

Mechanism Hanger & Rubber Washer

  • Works with any standard quartz (mini) movement
  • Reliably hang your clock mechanism with ease

How to Assemble

Please refer to the Image #3 above to guide your clock mechanism installation/replacement.

If you need more help, please check out this link for more information.

Average rating:
average rating 100%
2 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

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Totally great! Happy customer! 02/16/2024
Had an old clock face that needed new hands & mechanism. This kit installed quickly & easily in no-time (pun intended) with a perfect fit. Its quartz mechanism has been running very accurately for the two months I've had it. Excellent design of only one commonly available AA battery needed for power.

Do not hesitate to do business with this company - they are great!
average rating 100%
Just right 04/01/2024
By bill bible
Exactly what was ordered

Install a FRESH Duracell or Energizer Battery (But not a rechargeable type).  In our experience, these are the only batteries that are reliable for clock mechanisms. Sometimes you will even try a separate pack as not all new packs have perfect batteries.

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