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Pegas Modified Geometry Scroll Saw Blades #2/0R (.0087" x .0236" x 15.4TPI) (Pk/12)

Average rating:
average rating 94%
82 reviews
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Price $5.60 $5.10 $4.60 $4.10
Per pack of 12 quality scroll saw blades
Part #: SSB-67
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Modified Geometry Scroll Saw Blades #2 - Swiss Made

Pégas Modified Geometry Scroll Saw Blades tooth design minimizes burning, tolerates aggressive feed rates, expels chips extremely fast, leaves a smooth finish and cuts patterns accurately. 

This blade can be used on soft and hard wood. It is also well suited for plastic. If you are currently using Olson PGT or Mach blades you will love our Modified Geometry blades.

View all our Pegas Scroll Saw Blades and more information. 

SpecificationsPlain Ends 5 inch Scroll Saw Blades. Sold in packs of 12 or bundles of 144. See item name for details.
Average rating:
average rating 94%
82 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

average rating 100%
Pegas blades 05/30/2017
By Marc Phillips
The best I have ever used. I was starting to think my Dewalt saw had a problem but I tried the blades (recommended by Steve Good) and the difference was amazing.
average rating 100%
A good blade 08/21/2017
By Tom Grillo
The blade gives an excellent cut and is well worth it.
average rating 100%
Pegas scroll saw blades 02/17/2018
By Duane Schepers
Bought several sizes of these Pegas scroll saw blades so going to combine the review for them.
WOW. Fairly new to scroll saw work and have been trying several brands of scroll saw blades. I believe I have now found my go to brand. These blades are far superior to the big box brands, Olsen or even Flying Dutchman. They cut far straighter eliminating the frustrating drift. They cut clean and require less tension than the other brands. Bear Woods has them at a fair price and shipping costs. Of course being in Canada shipping takes a bit longer but its worth the wait. Great company and looking forward to ordering more of their products. Only problem now is what the heck do I do with the other brands that I have bought. Guess I can use them on my lesser less detailed projects.
average rating 60%
Blades #2/0, #3R, #5 MG 01/13/2019
By Roberta Moreton
#3R is my go to fret work blade love these.
#2/0 is what I use for inlay. Very predictable!
#5 is what I use for my small boxes.
My problem is #5 breaks. They break in the same place. Others have complained, you said you are aware of the manufacturing problem and you are correcting it. My question is why, after hearing about this from another scroller A MONTH ago, why did I receive defective stock? Will I order #5 again? Probably not. Would you?
average rating 100%
Smooth cuts 09/25/2019
By John Seltenrich
I recently purchased The Pegas Scroll Saw and was using up my old blades. The saw is outstanding and very smooth.

When I ran out of my old blades I decided to try the Pegas blades.

My favorite thing to cut is Portrait style landscapes that have very small cuts. Pegas blades made cutting much easier with less sanding on the back.

Regardless of what saw you own, give yourself a treat and try Pegas blades.

They are GREAT!
average rating 100%
Great customer service and quality products 10/10/2019
By Brian Bradburn
Thanks Bear Woods, for another great experience. You guys are definitely on top of your game. Every item I ordered was exactly as described. This time I ordered my usual Pegas blades but also for the first time I ordered some 2/0 Niqua blades for cutting some puzzles. I Have to say, they’re great blades also. Thanks Bear Woods and staff for the fast shipping and great customer service! I will be making another order SOON!!!
average rating 80%
great quality 10/04/2019
By Jason McDowell
I love Pegas used these blades for long time
I got my blades at wood shows for years but no wood shows in my area now so had to go to your web site just to find out that you don't take visa only master card so I had to have my son to order them for me other wise they are the best blades I ever used and they last a lot longer then other blades So other then that I'm a happy customer I also had them within a week
average rating 100%
Blade review 08/12/2017
By Steven Zak
Got an order from Bear Woods to try out some of their blades and they are very good. Have not done much cutting with them but so far they work out great. Also pretty good prices and pretty fast shipping coming from Canada. I will definitely be ordering more of these !
average rating 100%
Great blades 11/09/2017
By Marc Phillips
The Pegas blades are so well made I had originally ordered just a few to try them out. After 2 projects I ordered enough so that I could replace all the Olson and Flying Dutchman blades I have... as I wont be using them any longer. Thanks!
average rating 100%
This my goto blade 03/14/2019
By Andy Scharmer
The Pegas Modified Geometry blades are the best I've tried. I do a lot of fretwork scrolling and the blades have almost no drift. They are quite aggressive and do very well in stacked 1/8 Baltic Birch blocks. These are my goto blades.
average rating 80%
Quality item 04/22/2020
By Bill
Since I was new to using this blade size for my first attempt at cutting a large puzzle I made lots of mistakes - too high tension and more. But the MGSSB worked great, made clean cuts and lasted longer than I expected. Thumbs up!!!!
average rating 100%
Top quality 07/19/2020
By Andy Scharmer
These blades are very aggressive and excellent quality. I can use a #1 where with other brands I would need a #3 or so. Delivery was quick and the package was in good condition. I would recommend Bear Woods without hesitation.
average rating 100%
Best blade ever! 10/19/2017
By Andy Scharmer
These Modified Geometry blades are the best I've ever used. They track straight and the tooth geometry ensures that the sawdust is cleared on each stroke. These are very aggressive blades, so stack cutting is recommended.
average rating 100%
Awesome scroll saw blades 07/18/2017
By Andrew Rose
I have been using Flying Dutchman for several years until recently. Using these Modified Geometry Scroll Saw blades, they are the "cream of the crop". They cut straight, they cut very nice, and they are fun to use.
average rating 60%
Not for BB 02/15/2018
By David R Grindel
Not a fine enough cut for doing fret work in BB.
Even with a 5 stack of 1/8" the edges were nothing like my Flying Dutchman #2/0 32 tpi
I assume they will be great for some of the less details work.

Our responseThanks for the feedback. As the 2/0 blades are rated for only up to 4/8" thick wood, I'm wondering if that is part of the challenge.
average rating 100%
The usul great quality> 08/31/2022
By Ted Andress
Always like the modified geometry scroll saw blades. Bear Woods provides great tracking for the products I buy for just a little additional cost. Love that service and the quality of the Pegas blades.
average rating 100%
Great quality 01/19/2021
Love these with my pegas! It is definitely worth the investment! I’m able to cut out so much more with these blades and they stay sharp so much longer than most other blades I’ve bought in the past!
average rating 100%
Happy customer 03/15/2020
By Leonard Larsen
These are great quality blades. The Modified Geometry blades seem to last longer which is great for the smaller blades. The great service
of Bear Wood has me ordering all my blades from them.
average rating 100%
Superior Blades! 02/25/2023
By John Stec
I've used Pegas, Olsen, and Flying Dutchman blades for my intarsia projects and these Modified Geometry blades are far superior. They load easily into my D788 saw and the cut lines are superior.
average rating 100%
Excellent blades 08/01/2017
By Andy Scharmer
The delivery time was longer than my last order, but the Modified Geometry blades are now my 'go to' blades for my fretwork (especially when the wood is stacked to about 1").
average rating 100%
Perfect 06/17/2022
By Donna Carr
Blades were just what I needed. I usually use FDUR but wanted to try something different. These blades performed better than expected. There was less “stray” of the blade.
average rating 100%
Make scrolling more fun 09/02/2021
By John Seltenrich
I enjoy cutting landscaping fretwork.Sometimes there are hundreds of small cuts. Pegas Modified Geometry #2/0R is my blade of choice.
It's my Favorite blade!
average rating 100%
Great quality, Great price 06/26/2020
By William Kralik
Really good blades. I bought these, 1Rs and 3Rs and all are very good but very aggressive based on what I'm used to (No. 4s). Had to slow the saw down a bit.
average rating 100%
Definite go to company 10/06/2017
By William Vowles
The service was great, easy to order from, delivery in far less time than I expected, and quality product at a very reasonable price. I will be ordering again.
average rating 100%
Awesome company with the Best quality 08/13/2019
By David Scott
I could not be happier with this company and products. I have scroll saw blades shipped to Costa Rica and everything is always as ordered and at a great price.
average rating 100%
Scroll Say Blades 12/27/2012
By Dave O'Brien
I do a lot of scroll sawing and I am very impressed with the modified geometry scroll saw blades. I highly recommend them. They are my go to blades
average rating 100%
Arrived promptly 12/09/2019
By Michael Eligh
All the items I ordered were excellent and arrived promptly. I'll be ordering from Bear Woods Supply again.

Mike Eligh
average rating 100%
scroll saw blades 05/02/2017
By james trood
Thanks Britany: You were really helpful getting my order out. I'm looking forward working with you when I need some of your products. Jim
average rating 100%
Excellent Blades 07/27/2021
By Todd Buck
These blades cut thru extremely hard salvaged maple better than any I’ve tried. They have lasted much longer than other blades I’ve used.
average rating 100%
Good Product 02/11/2022
By Gary West
The Pegas 2/0 scroll blades are one of the best I have used. I would recommend then to anyone who is doing very fine scroll saw work.
average rating 100%
Makes the project 06/20/2022
By Charles Lamont
Clock parts from Bear Wood look great by themselves, but put them in a project and people are sort of awestruck at how good it looks.
average rating 100%
great company to do buisness with 07/05/2018
By Robert Sandau
Bought "Modified Geometry scroll saw blades.
Blades arrived earlier than posted. Great blades, easy company to do business with.
average rating 100%
Excellent product, quick delivery 07/10/2017
By Andy
Excellent product. The Pegas Modified Geometry scrollsaw blades were the best I've ever used. Delivery was only a few week days.
average rating 100%
Love the blades 04/28/2023
By Victoria Peterson
These blades cut so well and are so worth purchasing. Using quality scroll saw blades makes all the difference.

average rating 100%
Geometry blades 05/05/2018
By Walter Bell
I heard about the geometry blades from different sources so I decided to give them a try. All I can say is, boy are they great!
average rating 100%
Satisfied customer 05/14/2023
By Edwin Johnson
Scroll saw blades came as quick as can be expected. Looking forward to using them. Great service and selection of products
average rating 100%
Great blades 11/28/2021
By Daniel Vaillancourt
Excellent cut quality. Last longer than blades I've been using. Won't be using any other brand of blade from this point on.
average rating 100%
great 04/28/2018
By Douglas ivy
Pegas and Excalibur mythical & magical names ☺
Made my cutting feal mythical & magical very excellent blade.
average rating 80%
Scrollsaw blades 12/28/2016
By Larry Rovnak
The modified Geometry Scroll saw blades work great for cutting thin fretwork. I will keep using them as long as I can.
average rating 100%
Scrollsaw blades 10/27/2017
By Rosalie Cummings
I have used these blades for a few years now and find them to be superior to any others I've tried in the past.
average rating 100%
Great preforming blades 03/14/2020
By Stephen Heinrich
Great cutting blades I use for jigsaw puzzles.
Best blades I’ve tried so far. Order processed
average rating 100%
Fine scroll sawing 01/03/2018
By Bertrand Labbe
I used this blade to cut veins on a leaf.

Smooth and claen cuts and no tearout.
Excellent quality
average rating 100%
Happy Customer 01/11/2021
By Keith Casebolt
Always have great success with ordering from Bear Woods. Love the quality and variety of items available.
average rating 100%
Scrollsaw blades 10/27/2017
By Rosalie Cummings
I have used all of these blades for sometime and find them superior to any others I've used in the past.
average rating 100%
Very Satisfied 07/07/2020
By Bill
These MGSSB #2/OR are great for cutting puzzles without having to spend lots of time sanding the fuzzies.
average rating 100%
blades 06/05/2023
By Robert V
I haven't tried this blade yet; I'm sure it will work fine when I get to a project that suits the blade.
average rating 100%
Great blades 03/10/2021
By Michael Steckler
We've been using these blades on projects for the last couple of years and find them to be excellent
average rating 100%
happy customer 01/20/2021
By Lindsay Hahn
These blades are absolutely the best I've ever used. I can't imagine ordering any other blade.
average rating 80%
Blade test 02/21/2017
By douglas brickey
The pegas saw blades are nice blades and I wish I had ordered more sizes. Maybe in the future.
average rating 80%
Happy Customer 09/20/2023
By John Houseal
Haven't tried them yet, but I believe all the recommendations of those on youtube who have.

Scrollers Micro Drill Bits and Adapters to use them with your drill.

Work lights to clamp to your saw | A Square to make sure your blade is square.

Finishing Supplies - to get in the corners and remove fuzzies.  We recommend our Files and 3M Hand Pads

Ready for more fun? Try a Rotary tool from Pegas - with attachments for finishing, adding details and even carving.  They are better than Dremels, lighter weight, easier to change bits and variable speed (with a foot pedal)

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