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Pegas Modified Geometry Scroll Saw Blades #5R (.0142" x .0402" x 11.3TPI) (Pk/12)

Average rating:
average rating 96%
109 reviews
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Price $5.60 $5.10 $4.60 $4.10
Per pack of 12 quality scroll saw blades
Part #: SSB-69
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Modified Geometry Scroll Saw Blades #5R - Swiss Made

Swiss made Pégas Modified Geometry Scroll Saw Blades tooth design minimizes burning, tolerates aggressive feed rates, expels chips extremely fast. This leaves a smooth finish and cuts patterns accurately.

These Blades can be used on soft and hard wood. It is also well suited for plastic. If you are currently using Olson PGT or Mach blades you will love our Modified Geometry blades.

View all our Pegas Scroll Saw Blades and more information. 

SpecificationsPlain Ends 5 inch Scroll Saw Blades. Sold in packs of 12 or bundles of 144. See item name for details.
Average rating:
average rating 96%
109 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

average rating 100%
Tough blades 07/06/2020
By Sean Whitmarsh
I spent thousands of hours on a Delta 14” C-arm scroll saw in the 80’s, cutting souvenir names in an amusement park to pay for college. I bought one of those saws and an almost-lifetime supply of the blades when the shop was closed down, so I never had the opportunity to use the latest blades until now. I wish we had these back then. I don’t know how they fare against their competition today, but the abuse they take and the cut they produce far exceed what we used back then, and I believe we had the best back then.
average rating 100%
Phenomenal blades 09/09/2018
Phenomenal blades:
I am is new as new can be, to scrolling. These blades are everything anybody has ever said they should be. I have tried several different blades, all stating that they’re the best blade. I’m here to tell you these blades are phenomenal. I’m not sure why you would buy anything else. I purchased a gross of 57 and nine late. I cut a lot of puzzles from Poplar and from pine boards and so far nothing comes close to cutting like these blades do.
average rating 60%
Some what happy customer 06/14/2020
By Larry Hamilton
I received my Pegas 21" Scroll saw, stand and light and all is working very well. I must say I did not receive my foot petal for the saw that I ordered and after several calls still have not received it. Although I love the Pegas saw I am disappoint in the lack of customer attention by Bear woods to an order that was not complete. I am happy with the new scroll saw blades and will odder them from Bear woods even though I know if they get the order wrong they will not make it right.
average rating 100%
Great Customer Service 08/24/2023
By H Bondar
I ordered a 12-pack of the Pegas modified geometry blades #5 and then got an email from Olivia in customer service informing me that they were out of stock. We had a few email exchanges and she was super helpful. Eventually, I changed my order to the "Sampler" set that includes a variety of blade sizes, and the order came quickly. I am a very happy customer and would recommend Bear Woods in a heartbeat, really because of Olivia!
average rating 100%
Best blades 03/23/2019
By Michael Cleveland
These blades are the best all-around blades I've ever used. I can't say enough good things about them they are fragile when tightened tight but i only tried the #5 and I was cutting 2" thick wood but once you get a feel for the right tension... awesome blades like hot knives through butter. I'm ordering more right now, now that i know I like them it's time to play around with different sizes
average rating 100%
Great product 05/01/2023
By Mark Goodman
I got the Pegas scroll saw blades (288). The past 25 years I've used the Olson PGT blades. Steve Good always had high reviews on your blades. I've been trying your blades for the past two weeks. They last longer and follow the lines better. Yesterday cutting some cherry wood I didn't get any burn marks. It wasn't even a new blafe.They cost less! I am hooked on your blades
average rating 100%
Bladed 04/18/2018
By Hugh Johnson
The items I purchased were as advertised the best scroll saw blade I ever used. The only issue I have is the shipping price and delivery I really cannot understand 15 bucks shipping for 6 day delivery but I guess if you are the only person selling the product you can charge what you want. Well I really wanted the blades so I paid. The blades are great
average rating 100%
The best blades ever. 02/18/2023
By David Kemper
These blades are great for fast, straight, sand free cuts in 3/4" walnut and 1/2" bubinga. Also work fantastic in softer woods and stack cutting. The blades last so much longer than any I have used. Best value and quality for your money. Bear Woods is awesome and I won't buy from anyone else. I would list the cons but honestly there are none!
average rating 100%
great quality 12/09/2019
By kevin wiebe
I purchased these blades (recommended by Steve Good) to cut down on the frizzies on the back of the piece I'm cutting and I am amazed at how little fuzzies there actually are, Awesome blades, would recommend them to any one who needs a good quality blade and delivery was right on time(2 days)
average rating 100%
Happy with prices and speed of delivery 03/10/2019
By Mark Barr
As I have had some health issues that have limited my time in my basement workshop, I have not used any of the items that I ordered.

I can easily say that I am very happy with your prices and speed of delivery on the items that I ordered.

Thank You

Mark Barr
average rating 100%
Blade review 08/12/2017
By Steven Zak
Got an order from Bear Woods to try out some of their blades and they are very good. Have not done much cutting with them but so far they work out great. Also pretty good prices and pretty fast shipping coming from Canada. I will definitely be ordering more of these !
average rating 100%
Best Qulity 01/02/2022
By Ted Andress
I ordered #3R an #5R Pegas Modified Geometry scrollsaw blades. Best on the market in my opinion. Bear woods quickly shipped my package to me in time for me to cut a couple of very special ornaments in time for Christmas. Appreciated their timely shipping schedule!
average rating 100%
Surprised how good 04/14/2020
By Roger Martin
Had been using FD blades and was very satisfied with them. Used these and was surprised how well they cut and how long they stay sharp. May have to switch my favorite blade to Pegas after using these foe a couple of weeks ov various projects and types of material.
average rating 60%
Long cut blades 01/16/2022
By Joe Zwack
I needed blades for longer (for continuous, not scroll-type) cuts in 4 plies of 1/4 inch Baltic Birch. Hence my order for higher numbered blades with coarser/less teeth/inch blades. The blades I ordered were OK, not quite the best in my opinion.
average rating 100%
Great results 08/23/2023
By Robert Fredrick
The Pegas Modified Geometry blades are my go-to blades in my shop. I operate a woodworking business, and most of my projects involve the scroll saw. These blades cut quickly and leave minimal tear-out on the bottom of the wood.
average rating 100%
great quality 12/01/2019
By Ken Baker
Service was great. The only con I have is not for you but Canada Post . My shipment was late a day and that's ok but stating it would be earlier is annoying as I remained home to wait for the shipment. Thanks ken
average rating 100%
Satisfied Customer 04/26/2023
By Robert Joines
I had to really search to find the blades I wanted and not a sampler package. The blades arrived and some have been used. They cut very well and seem to stay sharp longer than other blades I have used. Thank you
average rating 60%
Happy 02/15/2020
By Tommy Patton
The blades are excellent however the problem is that there is no way to determine is top or bottom I usually just guess about half the time I have to stop and reverse the blade really slows down the cutting
average rating 100%
Mod Geo Blades 09/28/2018
By Douglas Simpson
I tried a sample pack of Pegas blades. And installed some on my group of scroll saw cuters. Everyone one of us saw and felt the difference in are cutting. Faster, easier with less breakage. Great product
average rating 100%
Great! 06/03/2019
By Alain Dugas
Happy with the product. A notch above the Olson that I usually use. As far as Bear Woods is concerned, they delivered perfectly, kept me informed all the way, an a pleasure to deal with.

average rating 100%
excellent blades 03/26/2019
By Peter Morningstar
These Pegas Modified Geometry blades are awesome. I was a bit apprehensive about skip tooth blades but these are the best blades I have used on my Hegner Multicut since I bought it about 25 years ago.
average rating 100%
Great Quality 11/18/2019
By Sandy Ashcraft
The modified geometry scroll saw blades #5 are the most accurate blades I have ever used. Have experienced minimal to no burning. Amazing. A cut above the rest! Plan to reorder soon.
average rating 100%
Good blades 12/13/2017
By Robert P. Shauchunas
These blades are fine cutting hardwood as well as softwood. I use the Jet scroll saw and these so no signs of burning at the fastest speed for the saw even while cutting ½" oak boards.
average rating 80%
Good .... but 11/24/2021
By Edward Panfili
The Pegas blades are quite good, but my preference after using both on my new Pegas Scroll Saw are still the Flying Dutchman Ultra Reverse blades, specifically the UR5.
average rating 80%
Pegas scroll saw blades 04/01/2019
By Paul Wolkow
Modified geometry #5R blades. I have just started using them. They are a very good blade. I will have to use them a while to evaluate their life. So far, So good
average rating 100%
Saw blades 12/19/2017
By Daniel Stevens
I love the modified geometry saw blades. I want to try the number three blades that are modified geometry also. This order came much quicker than the last order.
average rating 100%
I will be back 10/06/2017
By William Vowles
The service was great, easy to order from, delivery in far less time than I expected, and quality product at a very reasonable price. I will be ordering again.
average rating 100%
Pegas Mod Geo 05/06/2018
By Marc Bates
First time trying these blades. I am impressed and will buy more for sure. They have the smoothest cut and are the fastest cutting blades I have ever used.
average rating 100%
#5 scroll saw blades 12/03/2018
By Dennis Goodson
Great blades! These are my other "go to" blades. I can depend on them to get the job done the way I want it. Unlike with other blades I rarely break them.
average rating 100%
Blade 04/05/2019
By John Lime
They were very much what I was looking for. They allow me to have more control which provides me with better looking edges and wall of cutting areas.
average rating 100%
Fast Delivery and Quality Product's! 01/01/2023
By Jeffrey Quinn
Very Pleased with both the Quality of the products and the Fast Delivery!!
Definitely looking forward to purchasing from this store from now on!!
average rating 100%
blades 12/12/2018
By roy sharp
pegas blades cut faster than flying ds would like to try a #1 blade sometime I only tried #3 and #5 they work GREAT (say GREAT like tony the tiger)
average rating 60%
Scroll saw blades 07/09/2018
By Darlene Laubenstein
The blades I received were #5 but not #5R like I ordered. I haven’t used them so I do t know how they will perform, so I rated them as a 3.
average rating 100%
Arrived promptly 12/09/2019
By Michael Eligh
All the items I ordered were excellent and arrived promptly. I'll be ordering from Bear Woods Supply again.

Mike Eligh
average rating 100%
Happy customer and excellent quality 07/03/2020
By Gail Sivey
I have started to order all my Pegas blades from Bear Woods. Shipping is always quick. They keep my informed all the way through the process.
average rating 100%
WOW! 07/02/2024
By Jerry Ryals
Glad I found Bear Woods. I've wanted to try Pegasus blades and got some of the sizes i frequently use. They cut great and last longer too.
average rating 100%
Excellent Blades 07/27/2021
By Todd Buck
These blades cut thru extremely hard salvaged maple better than any I’ve tried. They have lasted much longer than other blades I’ve used.
average rating 100%
Pegas Blades 11/03/2018
By Tom Brennan
Good blades for cutting quickly and staying on the line. They stay sharp and do not have a tendency to wander to the right of the line.
average rating 100%
Great Product 07/17/2023
By Leroy Peteson
I received all my order in one package, it came in a timely manner, and the blades are always good and sharp to make the cleanest cuts.
average rating 100%
# 5-R Scroll Saw Blades 05/28/2018
By James Wolff
This is the best # 5 Scroll Saw blade that I have ever used. Last longer that the other famous brand of blade. Highly recommend them.
average rating 100%
Only blades I use 11/06/2023
By Crystal Hinkle
I love the quality of my Pegas blades. They’re the only ones I use now. And I always buy them from Bear Woods… exceptional service!
average rating 100%
Great blades 11/28/2021
By Daniel Vaillancourt
Excellent cut quality. Last longer than blades I've been using. Won't be using any other brand of blade from this point on.
average rating 100%
Excellent blades 03/15/2018
By Jeffrey Flick
These are excellent blades. Using them for tight turns and very small spaces. I have also used them for complex puzzles.
average rating 100%
great 04/28/2018
By Douglas ivy
Pegas and Excalibur mythical & magical names ☺
Made my cutting feal mythical & magical very excellent blade.
average rating 100%
Scroll saw blades 08/11/2023
By Gary Kline
Very fast and friendly service very quick to get my blades thanks will buy all my blades from there highly recommend
average rating 100%
Super Quality 01/09/2020
By Stephen Kucey
Excellent quality blades, very reasonable price,
very expedient response/shipping.
Highly recommend ... A++
average rating 100%
Great Blades & Price 02/11/2024
By Earl Miner
High quality blades that maintain their cutting edge in all types of wood. One of the best blades you can buy.
average rating 100%
Good Quality 07/13/2020
By Rhonda Hayhurst
The Pegus blades work well. They cut straight. Bear Woods did great with customer service. Will order again.
average rating 100%
Great blades 02/22/2019
By Paul Lathum
I found these blades cut 3/4” bass wood with ease. Very little clean up or sanding needed. Great product.
average rating 100%
Awesome 02/23/2019
By Nicolas Crespo
Absolutely love the blades every buy very pleasing email support as well very pleasing thank you bearwood

Scrollers Micro Drill Bits and Adapters to use them with your drill.

Work lights to clamp to your saw | A Square to make sure your blade is square.

Finishing Supplies - to get in the corners and remove fuzzies.  We recommend our Files and 3M Hand Pads

Ready for more fun? Try a Rotary tool from Pegas - with attachments for finishing, adding details and even carving.  They are better than Dremels, lighter weight, easier to change bits and variable speed (with a foot pedal)

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