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Pegas Modified Geometry Scroll Saw Blades #9R (.0173" x .0512" x 9.6TPI) (Pk/12)

Average rating:
average rating 97%
28 reviews
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Price $5.60 $5.10 $4.60 $4.10
Per pack of 12 quality scroll saw blades
US NO TAX, Part #: SSB-71
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Modified Geometry Scroll Saw Blades #9R - Swiss Quality

Swiss made Pégas Modified Geometry Scroll Saw Blades tooth design, minimizes burning, tolerates aggressive feed rates, and expels chips extremely fast. This leaves a smooth finish and cuts patterns accurately.

These blades can be used on soft and hard wood. It is also well suited for plastic. If you are currently using Olson PGT or Mach blades you will love our Modified Geometry blades.

View all our Pegas Scroll Saw Blades and more information.

SpecificationsPlain Ends 5 inch Scroll Saw Blades. Sold in packs of 12 or bundles of 144. See item name for details.
Average rating:
average rating 97%
28 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

average rating 100%
Best Yet! 06/22/2017
By Gary
I tried these blades based on the study Steve Good did. I have to say they are the best blades I've used so far. Not that there was anything specific wrong with the other name brand blades, these just cut so much smoother and easier. The Pegas Modified Geometry is my go to blade now.
average rating 80%
Mod. blades 05/23/2018
By David Wingfield
I bought larger blades this time for a special project. The blades came within a few days. I would give Bear Woods a 5 for the service. The blades tho are slick with a manufacturing oil on them that lets them slip in the clamps. On most projects that wouldn't be a problem, but I am cutting 1-1/2" walnut and the blades loosening make for a bad cut. Very hard to get the pieces apart. there seems to be a varnish type stuff on the blades also that I have to sand off (each one) before I clean them with alcohol.
Time consuming.
average rating 100%
Excellent quality blades 10/19/2021
By Robert Fredrick
I do a lot of work on my two scroll saws, and have experimented with quite a few different blades. I was extremely pleased with the #7 Pegas modified geometry blade, so I decided to give these a try. They do an excellent job on 4/4 hardwoods. I can cut at a decent rate, and these blades leave the back side of the workpiece needing only very light sanding. This blade has become my choice when the #7 is just not quite up to the task on certain 4/4 hardwoods.
average rating 100%
My go-to blades 08/23/2023
By Robert Fredrick
Most of the projects I make to sell in my business are done on the scroll saw, and I use it every day. The #9 Pegas Modified Geometry blades are my go-to for 3/4 inch material. They cut quickly, follow the line well, and can make fairly intricate cuts. They leave minimal tear-out on the bottom. only needing a light touch with sandpaper by hand to finish the workpiece. You owe it to yourself to try these blades.
average rating 100%
Excellent quality blades 11/19/2021
By Robert Fredrick
I do a lot of scroll sawing, and have tried a number of different blades I tried these and liked them so much that I ordered more the second time. These blades cut aggressively, but not overly so. They cut smoothly, leaving only minimum tear out on the bottom of the piece, which is easily removed with just a little bit of hand sanding. The #9 blade has become my "go to" blade for 4/4 woods.
average rating 100%
A 5 Star Blade 05/04/2017
By David Nicholson
I am very impressed with these blades as they cut cleaner ,stay sharp longer and out preform any of the top brands I have used most at 3 times the price. You can't go wrong with these blades especially in hardwoods as they cover all the bases when it comes to your scroll saw needs, Great design.
average rating 100%
Best blades ever 04/16/2019
By Yvan Gervais
I've been working with Scrollsaw for over 20 years I tested many blades and was hooked on one popular brand until Steve Goods published a review on Pegas
Modified geometry blades. So I tested them. I'm so impressed, now I only have Pegas blades in my shop.Thanks for this fine tool.
average rating 100%
Happy customer 01/19/2021
Love these with my pegas! It is definitely worth the investment! I’m able to cut out so much more with these blades and they stay sharp so much longer than most other blades I’ve bought in the past!
average rating 100%
Repeat Customer 12/02/2023
By Larry Roseen
The Pegas saw and blades are terrific. I did not expect the foot switch to make such a big difference in scrolling. Bear Woods is my new go-to place to shop for woodworking supplies.
average rating 100%
Great Quality 12/11/2020
By TR Stewart
I bought these to do stack cuts and I couldn't be more pleased. The cuts are clean, fast, and I'm surprised at how long they last even when I am pushing them at the limit.
average rating 100%
9R Pegasus 12/21/2017
By Ervin McCurdy
Have not had a chance to try these yet but expect they will be as good as the other Pegasus blades. The modified geometry makes them cut better and last longer
average rating 100%
9R Mod Geo 12/31/2018
By Steven Martin
Love these blades for cutting hard woods with no burn. Performance on 3/4 Rock Maple and Hickory has made these blades a must have for me.
average rating 100%
Excellent Blades 07/27/2021
By Todd Buck
These blades cut thru extremely hard salvaged maple better than any I’ve tried. They have lasted much longer than other blades I’ve used.
average rating 100%
Satisfied Customer... 11/30/2019
By Michael Thielke
Easy and affordable international shipping. Trackable and quick shipping to the USA. Great products...quality and variety!
average rating 100%
3/8" plywood stack 01/03/2018
By Bertrand Labbe
I used this blade to test cut a 3/8" stack of 1/8" ply. I could have easily added another 1/4".
average rating 100%
#9R 03/07/2019
By Delle Fairclough
Works excellent on the thicker heavier pieces of wood, still easy to change directions.
average rating 100%
Best blades ever 02/23/2020
By Yvan Gervais
I have been a scrolled for years and I can say that these are the besr blades ever
average rating 100%
Awesome Blades 01/02/2020
By Jennifer Sanchez
Always buy Pegas..they last the longest and are made of quality material.
average rating 100%
3/4" wood/no problem 01/28/2023
By Dexter Hoyer
These are now my blades of choice for all my 3/4" hard wood cuts.
average rating 100%
contented user 02/16/2020
By Barry Balls
Impressed how well it cuts through 3/4 inch hardwood like oak.
average rating 100%
Great quality 03/27/2021
By Stephen Milkereit
These blades work well on thick wood. Super fast delivery too.
average rating 100%
Great quality 11/27/2020
By Shari Martin
The #9 is perfect for thicker wood and stack cutting!
average rating 100%
Great dlades 12/26/2019
By Yvan Gervais
I always recommand these high quality blades.
average rating 100%
Love them!! 08/16/2020
By ronald lee
Great blades that are a pleasure to use.
average rating 100%
Happy customer 01/06/2020
By Ronald Bailey
Like these blades for 3/4” softwoods
average rating 60%
Saw Blade Quality 07/18/2018
By Roger Harms
Haven't had a chance to use yet.
average rating 100%
Again,Phenomenal 09/09/2018
Again, Phenomenal
average rating 100%
Happy Customer 07/12/2020
By Donald Andrews
easy to use blades

Scrollers Micro Drill Bits and Adapters to use them with your drill.

Work lights to clamp to your saw | A Square to make sure your blade is square.

Finishing Supplies - to get in the corners and remove fuzzies.  We recommend our Files and 3M Hand Pads

Ready for more fun? Try a Rotary tool from Pegas - with attachments for finishing, adding details and even carving.  They are better than Dremels, lighter weight, easier to change bits and variable speed (with a foot pedal)

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