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4" - 6" Angle Cut Live Edge Rounds

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Part #: RW-400
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Live Edge Wood Slices are Sourwood out of North Eastern USA

These quarter inch thick 4" - 6" Angled Live Edge rounds are perfect for keychains, smaller ornaments, and more! They can be used for a number of crafts such as woodburning, resin, and painting.
Looking for parts to pair with these? Check out our screw eye hooks and keychain hardware below!
Pro Tip: Lightly sand with a 320 grit paper to help smooth your surface for an easier time woodburning or painting!

These unique, premium quality wood slices can be used for any kind of DIY craft, Christmas ornament, wedding favors, wedding décor, etc.
These are cut very smooth and work great for laser quality.
They are very high quality wood slices with beautiful bark all the way around the slice.
All wood is obtained from storm damage or we go ahead of logging crews in areas that are already going to be logged.

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