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USA Made Standard Quartz Clock Mechanisms (up to 1/2" dial face) with Free Hands

Average rating:
average rating 94%
66 reviews
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Price $12.50 $8.25 $5.25 $4.25
Per USA Made Clock Motor. Choose FREE or Premium Clock Hands
US NO TAX, Part #: Q-14
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Mini Quartz Clock Movements for 1/2 inch thick dial face

These movements made in the US by Takane and work with hands under 5 inches long.

  • Accurate Within 2 Minutes A Year
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • OK for outdoor use if sheltered from rain.

Click just above on "Choose your hands" to choose your hands for this type of movement. There are about 25 free hand options available and many more for purchase. 

Please note free hands are only available per each movement purchased and if not selected at time of purchase, there will be an extra shipping charge. Also note that hangers and the rubber washer are sold separately - find them at the same spot as where you choose your hands.

Need hands longer than 5 inches? Click here for high torque options 


**When repairing a clock we always recommend new hands as your old ones may not fit.

  • Dimensions: 2-1/8 inch x 2-1/8 inch x 5/8 inch thick
  • Overall Shaft Length: 7/8"
  • Threaded Shaft Length: 9/16"
  • American I Shaft Diameter: 5/16 inch
  • Runs on 1 (AA) Size Battery
  • Runs up to 4.5" Clock Hands
  • Fits 3 inch Diameter Hole or Flush Mount
  • Works with material up to 1/2" thick

  • Hardware Included

  • Brass Washer
  • Hex Nut
  • Open End Nut
  • Hanger sold separately

  • Optional Hardware

    Add an Black Endcap for $0.50
    or Add an Endcap for $0.50

    Average rating:
    average rating 94%
    66 reviews

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    Featured positive reviews:

    average rating 100%
    quartz clocks 06/12/2013
    By TJ Scott
    These worked perfectly for some of my wood projects. I like that there are several stock options, as I use various types and thicknesses of materials. Shipping was fast, easy, and my parts arrived in good condition. I was also happy to discover they are made in the USA.
    average rating 20%
    very unhappy customer 08/14/2020
    By Larry Hill
    This is funny, asking for a review a month after I ordered it, and still have not received my order. Get me my order, and I will be glad to review. Until that time, there is not a rating low enough..
    average rating 100%
    Just what I need 06/28/2016
    By Ethel Bulsterbaum
    I do different styles of clocks as a hobby, so I need different sizes of movements for - hub caps - wood chunks - glass sheets etc. You have them all. Thanks
    average rating 100%
    Perfect 03/20/2019
    By Barry Linsley
    The perfect size clock movement is now installed in the artist made clock that had broken some time ago.
    Shipping was right on time.
    average rating 100%
    clock 05/15/2013
    By Edwin Watling
    thank you works fine up on the wall the day it came. Thanks
    average rating 80%
    Does the job 08/24/2020
    By Henry Brenner
    The threaded stem was just long enough to extend through the clock face and accept the retaining washer and nut. (I could have used a movement with a slightly longer "stem", but I don't think there was one available.) I installed the movement about ten days ago and it is keeping good time, within one minute of my cable box. I would comment that the wheel adjustment on the back for setting the time is rather "jerky", not smooth. But I could get there.
    average rating 80%
    MOVEMENT ORDER 04/23/2019
    By Alison Orr
    My order was adjusted quickly after an error I had made and was shipped right away. I thought the clock movements might be a different quality or make than a different company I ordered from since the cost is quite a bit more. Looks like the same make. I will be contacting Bear Wood today as one of the movements is not working. We'll see how their refund policy works.
    average rating 100%
    A better selection 05/01/2019
    By Lyle Foringer
    I came across Bear Woods after having trouble finding the parts I needed for a clock project I was building. I was pleased to find a larger and more diverse selection of parts than other sites I had been using in the past. Also, the materials used for the parts weren't the cheap materials offered by others. this will be my go to source for parts from now on.
    average rating 100%
    High quality products 06/25/2015
    By Hannah Epelbaum
    I purchased several mini quartz clock movements and some hands, in order to complete some clocks that I had designed. They have been perfect, very easy to install according to instructions (though I ended up gluing the movement to the clock back) and they look very classy. The hands move very smoothly. I'm pleased with my purchase.
    average rating 100%
    Kitchen Clock Restored 02/27/2019
    By Joseph Falcone
    I had a nice cherry wood kitchen clock that just sat around collecting dust after the clock mechanism gave out. I was able to match the required movement parts from Bear Wood Supply and happy to have it clicking away. Great and well organized web page and delivered on time all for a reasonable price.
    average rating 100%
    Very happy customer 12/21/2020
    By Christopher Kitrick
    Repairing clocks can be a challenge since most packages have a preset number of hand sizes. It was great to be able to step through the ordering process and select exactly what was needed for each item and get everything correct. Now I have been able to return a lovely little clock back to life.
    average rating 100%
    quartz clocks 06/12/2013
    By TJ Scott
    These worked perfectly for some of my wood projects. I like that there are several stock options, as I use various types and thicknesses of materials. Shipping was fast, easy, and my parts arrived in good condition. I was also happy to discover they are made in the USA.
    average rating 80%
    Clock Movements 12/28/2013
    By Amy Chapman
    This time I like how it was packed the hands was packed as sets and the nuts and washer was pack together. The hands didn't have no marks on them. The long shaft is great for the medallion that we make. They are great people if there is a problem they will fix it.
    average rating 100%
    outstanding 03/16/2020
    By Ole in New England
    The web site was able to guide me through what seemed like thousands of choices to get just the right ones. They installed directly and my clock is restored fully. Service and attention to detail in the order was among the best I have experienced.
    average rating 100%
    happy 05/02/2022
    By Dianne Nichols
    thank you for the replacement parts to a sentimental old clock. Everything is now working fine. Had to tighten up the second hand as it fell off a few times. Seems fine now. Glad it is all working. Glad you are in the business of replacing parts!!
    average rating 100%
    Perfect! 01/23/2019
    By Linda S. Gribko
    These mechanism and the hands I bought were exactly what I needed to fix a little clock that I thought had ticked its last years ago. Everything was a perfect fit and the service was excellent. Will definitely order from Bear Woods again.
    average rating 100%
    Happy so far 04/16/2020
    By John McGorry
    Order came in correct and quickly, thanks. Have not had the opportunity as yet to verify product but I will be rebuilding a FireHouse clock this weekend and am looking forward to using yur parts on this first attempt of many to come.
    average rating 100%
    Clock movement and hands 06/06/2018
    By Joe Contrino
    It was difficult finding the proper sized clock hands for my project but the wide variety available from Bear Woods made it easy.
    Upon receiving the kit I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and accuracy. 5 Stars !!!
    average rating 100%
    Perfect Clock 09/26/2020
    By Bill Allen
    We made a clock face years ago in a pottery class. The pottery tile was in great shape but the clock didn't work. Ordered what we needed from Bear Woods. It went together quickly and runs on time. Very pleased.
    average rating 60%
    Not sure 01/04/2018
    By bob Allison
    They sent me a E mail that I forgot to order hands which was very nice. It's Christmas time so I am patient however I have yet to receive the clock movement. I'm sure it's coming somewhere.
    average rating 60%
    Clock parts 01/29/2019
    By Kerri Kemper
    I thought paying almost 10.00 for shipping on saw blades was extreme.
    Clock parts when came was missing on one of them the top little nut that tightens hands down.

    Our responseHi Kerri, thanks for the feedback. Shipping on scroll saw blades is $4 or so. And we apologize for the missing minute hand nut. Our clocks come with the mounting hardware pre-attached. Sounds like one fell off. Contact our service team so we can make it right
    average rating 100%
    Great Service / Lots of Parts 04/12/2020
    By Patricia Babbitt
    It was great to find a web site with all the different parts and pieces for clock repairs, all in one place. The service was good and fast and the quality was great.
    average rating 100%
    Complete satisfaction 02/03/2020
    By Jeffrey Miller
    A perfect replacement for my worn out movement. Easy to install and keeps accurate time. So nice to have been able to restore a valued clock with this movement.
    average rating 80%
    It Works! 03/08/2018
    By Eileen
    Glad to have our clock working again. Mechanism does have a ticking sound so hope it doesn't keep me awake at night (maybe should have ordered a silent one).
    average rating 100%
    Keeps time well. 12/29/2021
    By Guernsey at Heart
    We were able to repair a clock that is very meaningful to our elderly friends. Thank you for your help...all the way from Canada. We appreciate your service!
    average rating 100%
    perfect! 08/02/2021
    Wanted movements made in USA. Takane fit the
    bill. Very pleased...quick response and well
    packaged. Could not have been better.

    average rating 100%
    Clock parts 02/27/2019
    By Thomas Russell
    Everything was received in good fashion and just as I had ordered. Now that I see how easy it is to update an old clock I’ll be doing it again
    average rating 100%
    it worked 02/04/2018
    By helen mucciolo
    I got this for my outside clock. I like that it fastened without tape. but wish the hands were bigger, but it works fine. I like it. Thank you.
    average rating 100%
    Fully satisfied 09/05/2018
    By Keith Harvey
    Great service, I screwed up by not ordering hands, I had a supply here but they don't fit. I was prompted at time of order, so it is my fault!
    average rating 100%
    Fine product 11/27/2019
    By Lewis Keehn
    Was able to pick the correct mechanism on line to refurbish my clock and which, when I received it, was easy to install and worked perfectly.
    average rating 100%
    Just what I ordered 05/18/2019
    By Ann Sumners
    The clock mechanism was perfect and hands were free. Hand were not a good fit, but got them to work. Great customer service!
    average rating 100%
    Very nice! 05/21/2018
    By Brittany Johnston
    The items were very nice and worked exactly how I wanted them to. Just wish the had more colour options for the clock hands.
    average rating 100%
    Clock parts 05/24/2015
    By Brian
    I got everything I needed and the clock movements are made in the USA. I will be doing more business again the future.
    average rating 100%
    Great job! 04/20/2018
    By Wally Lynds
    Great job! Order was correct, delivered quickly, and packed properly. I look forward to further business in the future.
    average rating 80%
    product fit just right 07/09/2020
    By Frank Castigliego
    my only complaint is that the 5-8 business days for shipping actually took 3 weeks. otherwise, everything was fine.
    average rating 100%
    Clock Movement 09/05/2017
    By Robert Stokes
    Excellent product, excellent service. Shipped day of order and received five days later on the east coast.
    average rating 100%
    Tic toc 01/22/2023
    By Denise
    Can’t wait to get my vintage mid century cypress wood clock up and running. Thanks for the prompt service.
    average rating 100%
    Works Perfect 08/22/2017
    By James Morrison
    Greeting from Nova Scotia. Product arrived and all works perfect. I am very satisfied with you service
    average rating 100%
    Works Perfectly 09/27/2017
    By James Morrison
    Greeting from Nova Scotia. Product arrived and all works perfect. I am very satisfied with you service.
    average rating 100%
    Great Quality 08/07/2022
    By Helen L. Stucker
    Looked everywhere for the right size clock movement. Bear Supply had exactly what I needed. Thank You
    average rating 100%
    clock parts 10/14/2018
    By Stephen Napier
    Thanks! clock mechanism arrived earlier than expected, is now installed and ticking along happily.
    average rating 100%
    Great job 03/08/2019
    By Stephen Mrachek
    Good service and just the right combination of clock mechanism,and hands to fit the clock.

    average rating 100%
    Quick delivery 12/31/2018
    By Melanie Hough
    I received my order quickly and in good order. Love ordering from your company!
    average rating 100%
    Clock motor 07/15/2019
    By Bob
    Motor arrived in a short amount of time fits perfectly with my clock face
    average rating 100%
    Timely Shipping 08/03/2017
    By David E. Stover
    I received the items that i ordered in a timely manner. Thanks much.
    average rating 100%
    Clock Movements 02/23/2017
    By Jack Burger
    The mini clock movements work perfectly! Thanks Bear Wood Products
    average rating 100%
    clock 05/15/2013
    By Edwin Watling
    thank you works fine up on the wall the day it came. Thanks
    average rating 100%
    Very pleased! 06/03/2020
    By John Barr
    Good service and quality. I will be back.
    Thank you!
    average rating 100%
    Great affordable clock parts 03/25/2015
    By Jonathan Clemson
    Arrived promptly and works well. Great for our clocks.
    average rating 100%
    thanks 02/01/2018
    By Shirley McCans
    Good product, good price, good service. I'll be back.

    Install a FRESH Duracell or Energizer Battery (But not a rechargeable type).  In our experience, these are the only batteries that are reliable for clock mechanisms. Sometimes you will even try a separate pack as not all new packs have perfect batteries.

    Choose hands - the options here will fit your clock motor. We recommend our new, balanced hands.

    Click the tab "Choose Hands" to see hands that go with this clock motor.

    Optional Accessories

    Closed End Caps - This movement ships with an open end nut so you can also attach a second hand.  For a different look, choose a closed end cap - we have options in black and brass color.

    brass end caps for clock motors quartz

    Brass End Cap

    black end cap for quartz clock motors

    Black End Cap

    Hanger - Choose a hanger that slides over the clock motor if needed for your clock design.

    We also sell regular picture hanging hardware at great discount prices!  Shop here for versatile ways to hang your clocks and pictures.

    Check out some of our best-sellers!