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Pegas Spiral Blades Sample Pack #2/0,#0,#1,#3,#5

Average rating:
average rating 92%
14 reviews
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Sample Pack Includes 5 Dozen: Spiral Tooth Scroll Saw Blades #2/0,#0,#1,#3,#5

Due to manufacturing availability one or two items may be substituted for a similar item at the time of shipment. If you require a specific size please let us know ahead of time. We hope to have stock shortages remedied soon. Thank you for understanding.

With a spiral scroll saw blade, the teeth are on 360° which allows sawing in each direction. The work does not have to be turned to make cuts, so sharp inside corners can be created. This also allows working long pieces which couldn't be turned on a 16" or 21" scroll saw.

Spiral Blades provide cutting around the entire periphery of the blade due to a helical shape. This design allows work to be fed in straight moves.

View all our Pegas Scroll Saw Blades and more information. 

Check out the Pegas Blades Selection Chart to learn about the possibilities of making intricate cuts on Softwood and Plywood with this selection of blades.

SpecificationsPlain Ends 5 inch Scroll Saw Blades. Sold in packs of 12 or bundles of 144. See item name for details.
Average rating:
average rating 92%
14 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

average rating 100%
Excellent blades 12/07/2023
By Dennis Smith
I have purchased blades previously at Bear Woods and have been pleased. I had purchased a Pegas 21” scroll earlier this year. The saw is used almost every day and these blades have been sharp, smoother cutting and longer lasting than others I have purchased. I have been making numerous 3d Christmas ornaments and due to some very hard woods the cuts have been tough on blades. I have not experienced issues with blades burning the wood. Very pleased with the saw and blades.
average rating 100%
First Time 07/30/2019
By Cathy La Valley
First time buying and using spiral blades. They do take a little getting used to after having used Mod Geo blades for quite some time. Made a few mistakes with them, but found out how easy they are to use when a project is too big to use a straight blade. I will definitely buy these again and Bear Woods always has fair prices and very fast shipping!
average rating 100%
Always the best 01/03/2024
By Rob Weeks
I only order scrollsaw blades from Bear Wood, they have the best selection and customer service, with better prices than anywhere else I've found. I love the Pegas aa.ple packs because I work with a wide variety of woods and thicknesses so I want to have a bit of everything on hand.
average rating 100%
Good stuff 01/08/2023
By Tim Graham
I read a lot of complaints about spiral blades and some are justified. I had a design that needed them, and boy was I happy with the Pegas. There is a learning curve with these, but if you have intricate work these can save your sanity.
average rating 80%
Pegas spiral blades and bits 07/23/2019
By Norm Fengstad
Blades work great, drill bits are very strong, order came promptly, but they came in a 4x3x6 inch box when an envelope and stamp would have been sufficient and much cheaper shipping charge.
average rating 80%
Scroll saw 05/21/2018
By Brian Bray
Scroll saw arm simple to install an works great. The blades work better than expected. Items delivered quickly. Would not hesitate to order from Bear Woods again.
average rating 80%
Good 06/27/2018
By Jennie Bentley
This blade I love using. If it is a detailed pattern or cut sometimes this blade cuts too wide and tends to lose the desired detail of the cut.
average rating 100%
pegas 05/22/2018
By John Banbury
the Pegas clamp seems to work well have not used the spiral blades yet will definitely use Bear Woods again
average rating 60%
Spiral blades 10/26/2018
By Dan Trudeau
I found your service great and will be using when made next order. This was my first order
Thank you Dan
average rating 100%
Great Quality 11/17/2023
By Charles Wolfe
I've used many brands of blades and these are by far the best.
average rating 100%
Scroolsaw blades 03/23/2018
By Graeme J Black
Good product good service many thanks Graeme
average rating 100%
Great blades 09/19/2019
By Larry Ratke
The spiral blades are great.
average rating 100%
great service 08/26/2019
By Jack Poole
have not used them yet.
average rating 100%
Pegas Blades 04/03/2018
By Jim Eutsey
excellent blades

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