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Pegas Scroll Saw Sample Pack - Skip and MGT

Average rating:
average rating 91%
12 reviews
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Sample Pack Includes: Modified Geometry Scroll Saw Blades #1SR + #5SR, Super Skip #3 + #9, Skip Tooth #7 + #8

Due to manufacturing availability one or two items may be substituted for a similar item at the time of shipment. If you require a specific size please let us know ahead of time. We hope to have stock shortages remedied soon. Thank you for understanding.

Swiss made Pégas Modified Geometry Scroll Saw Blades tooth design minimizes burning, tolerates aggressive feed rates, expels chips extremely fast. This leaves a smooth finish and cuts patterns accurately.

These Blades can be used on soft and hard wood. It is also well suited for plastic. If you are currently using Olson PGT or Mach blades you will love our Modified Geometry blades.

View all our Pegas Scroll Saw Blades and more information. 

Check out the Pegas Blades Selection Chart to learn about the possibilities for working with Hardwood, Softwood and Plywood with this selection of blades.

SpecificationsPlain Ends 5 inch Scroll Saw Blades. Sold in packs of 12 or bundles of 144. See item name for details.
Average rating:
average rating 91%
12 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

average rating 20%
Not happy 06/19/2020
By Charles Conway
Have not received
average rating 100%
Scroll Saw Blade Selection makes a huge difference 03/17/2021
By E Anderson
So I have had a scroll JET scroll saw in my shop for a few years now but rarely used it because the blades I was using as it turns out were not matched correctly to the various hardwoods I typically work with. By chance I came across Bearwoods recently and they guided me to a number of different blades that they thought I might like. Well upon receiving all these blades I performed many different tests changing the tpi, the tooth configuration and the manufacturer on different hardwood species and thicknesses and recorded my impressions. As a result, I now know which blades to use for which woods and thicknesses and for what kinds of cutting. To assist with my choices they offer this amazing guide of all their blades that describe the attributes of making the selection process more specific based on the application. Just get your scroll blades from Bear Woods you won't regret it and they are really helpful should you need guidance.
average rating 100%
Very Pleased 08/29/2019
By Terry Reidy
I am very happy with the quality and exceptional service from Bear Woods. One particular employee comes to mind and that is Amy, she always looks after my orders and on 3 occasions there was a back order problem and Amy took the time to personally telephone me and advise me of the problem and as usual Amy rectified the problem.Good old fashion service is a thing of the past nowadays except for Bear Woods and their awesome staff.

Thank You So Very Much,
Dr. T Reidy
Kamloops, B.C.
average rating 100%
Pegas blades 03/28/2018
By Vito Nata
I really like these new pegas blades.I am so happy I came across your site.A really good deal and prompt service from you Guys are above other sites I have used.Thank you guys and it’s very nice that I do not have to search around for quality products
average rating 100%
Can’t go wrong with this set 05/02/2020
By Haley Gubala
another favorite and must have for my shop are these amazing blades! It’s so great that it’s a sample pack too so you can find which ones you like best! I really love #5SR! Affordable and fast shipping!
average rating 100%
Great Service 12/28/2020
Received my blades, haven’t tried all of them, the ones I used see very good.
I’ll be testing all in the coming weeks.
average rating 80%
blades 12/15/2018
By clifton goewey
the blades that I have used work real good
thank you for the quick service
average rating 100%
great quality 02/16/2020
By Barry Balls
Saws well on thicker wood leaving a smooth finish.
average rating 100%
Thamk you! 01/11/2022
By Joel Levine
Good blades
Good company
Thank you
average rating 100%
SUPER sharp!! 08/28/2019
By William Siegfried
No complaints ~ Super Sharp ~ Quick shipping!
average rating 100%
Scroll Saw Blades 11/01/2020
By Don Lewis
Best blades that I’ve used.
average rating 100%
scoll saw blades 03/07/2018
I like the way they cut.

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