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Pegas Skip Tooth Scroll Saw Blades #5 (.0142" x .0402" x 16.9TPI) (Pk/144)

Average rating:
average rating 94%
7 reviews
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Price $33.97 $30.97
Per pack of 144 quality scroll saw blades
US NO TAX, Part #: 144 SBL-46
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Skip Tooth Scroll Saw Blades #5 - Swiss Made

Pégas Universal Skip Tooth Scroll Saw blades are very efficient for Hard and Medium‐Hardwoods, as well as multiple other materials. The wide range of skip allows these blades to be used for intricate patterns or rough cut.

It will accept a fast feed rate and leave a smooth finish with efficient chip removal that will prevent the wood from burning. These blades are highly versatile and will cut up to 2 inch thick wood.

Pegas saw blades, manufactured in Switzerland, are made from the high quality carbon steel using a proven fabricating process to produce crisp, sharp, precisely formed teeth. Heat treated and tempered these blades are incredibly hard, durable and long lasting-the finest Scroll Saw Blades anywhere in the world.

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Average rating:
average rating 94%
7 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

average rating 100%
Pegas Skip Tooth Scroll Saw Blades 09/17/2018
By Alvin Davenport
Well Pleased with the Pegas Scroll Saw Blades. Would recommend them to anyone needing Scroll Saw Blades. I use the #3 and #5 most of the time. Like the smooth cut they give. I figure if Steve Good would recommend them, I have to try them. Thanks Bear Woods!!
average rating 100%
Good all around blade 04/19/2021
By Raymond Potter
I like these blades for lots of different woods up to 3/4 inch. These are the blades I always try first and rarely need to use something different.
average rating 100%
happy customer 11/28/2023
By Janet Pearson
First time to order, and really appreciate the prices for large packets of blades (144).
average rating 100%
User 01/09/2019
By steven michael
Cut 3/4 oak cleanly and easily. Left a smooth edge.
average rating 100%
Happy 11/13/2019
By Glenn Schmocker
Delivered as promised. Best blades I have used yet/
average rating 100%
Happy 12/17/2021
By Paul Rasmussen
Blades were promptly delivered and work great
average rating 60%
I get a good one they work great. 03/04/2019
By Raymond Wagner
the blades seem to break more often .when

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