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Spiral Scroll Saw Blades #2/0 (.027 x 56TPI) (Pk/12)

Average rating:
average rating 92%
29 reviews
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Price $5.45 $4.95 $4.45 $4.10
Per pack of 12 quality scroll saw blades
US NO TAX, Part #: SSB-90500
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Pegas Spiral Scroll Saw Blades - #2/0 

Pegas Scroll Saw Blades are the highest quality Scroll Saw Blades.

There are teeth on 360° of the blade, which allows for sawing in all directions. The work does not have to make sharp cuts, so sharp inside corners can be created. This allows working long pieces which couldn't be turned on a 16" or 21" Scroll Saws, as the wood can be fed in straight moves.

Fabricated using a process that produces crisp, sharp, precisely formed teeth, the blades are then heat treated and tempered to make blades that maintain uniform grain structure, achieve the highest hardness, and stay sharper longer.

The helical shape allows cutting around the entire periphery. Though not suitable for hardwoods, this blade is excellent for medium hardwoods, softwoods, plastics, ferrous metals, nonferrous metals, bone, wax and more.

Swiss-made Pegas blades will add a new level of sophistication to your work with their smooth finishes and make your saw feel new.

Pegas Spiral Blade Chart 


Optimal Thickness (inches)

Recommended Drill


1/16" - 1/4"



1/16" - 7/32"



3/32" - 1/4"



3/32" - 1/4"



3/32" - 1/4"



3/32" - 9/32"



3/32" - 9/32"



3/32" - 5/16"



3/32" - 3/8"



1/8" - 3/8"


View all our Pegas Scroll Saw Blades and more information.

SpecificationsPlain Ends 5 inch Scroll Saw Blades. Sold in packs of 12 or bundles of 144. See item name for details.
Average rating:
average rating 92%
29 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

average rating 20%
Disappointed 08/22/2020
By Clint Hay
I'm writing with great disappointment that yet again i am having problems with breaking blades .

A while ago a wrote to say my pegas #3 mg blades are breaking easily. I was told to take a photo of the blades purchased but I didn't as I had family matters to attend to .

I recently purchased a variety of blades , I opened my #2 pegas mg and 6 blades broke on tensioning. I have an excalibur saw with pegas clamps and never had this problem before in 7 years !.

I would like replacement blades please and can someone test this batch of blades before posting please.
I hope I'm a valued customer and would not like to purchase elsewhere as your service and delivery times are excellent.

average rating 20%
super slow mail 05/15/2020
By Gary Smith
took over two weeks foe the mail service from Canada to Florida. 25% higher prices on stuff. Will not use them again.
average rating 80%
Very effective little blades 07/31/2017
By Nortal
Although I read that spiral blades are not recommended for hard wood, I gave these a try and was not disappointed! I managed to make intricate cuts on 1" thick wenge and zebra wood. Using smaller #2 blades allows for perfect cuts with a small kerf. You have to find the best tension and speed, but I found that a 4.5 tension with 6 setting for speed ( on a Dewalt scroll saw) works best for hard woods.
average rating 100%
Blade review 08/12/2017
By Steven Zak
Got an order from Bear Woods to try out some of their blades and they are very good. Have not done much cutting with them but so far they work out great. Also pretty good prices and pretty fast shipping coming from Canada. I will definitely be ordering more of these !
average rating 100%
Really sharp blades 07/03/2018
By Judy Hunter
I did a compare test and They are the best blades I have ever tried. I just got them so I am still testing to see how long each blade lasts before getting dull or breaking.
average rating 100%
Quality Service & Product 10/06/2017
By William Vowles
The service was great, easy to order from, delivery in far less time than I expected, and quality product at a very reasonable price. I will be ordering again.
average rating 100%
spiral blades 10/10/2018
By Mark Silver
excellent product, other blades that I had tried, would break or wear out quickly, not these , last long and do a great job .
average rating 100%
Love these blades. 09/24/2018
By Ronald HardenSr
Glad I discovered your company. Very prompt. Price is right. Products great. Thank You. I will order again in the future.
average rating 100%
Great quality 01/28/2022
By David Burggraff
I use these blades for cutting 1/4 in oak and 2in pine they do a great job and last . I am extremely happy with this product.
average rating 100%
Great Quality 12/08/2022
By Jack Warren
I order these blades on a regular basis. They are of excellent quality and would recommend them needing a good spiral blade.
average rating 100%
Great Blades 01/23/2020
By Gerald Van Domelen
These blades work great in medium hardwood. I like the addition Teeth Per Inch for a smooth cut.
average rating 100%
totally satisfied 11/18/2019
By Keith Villwock
They were exactly what I needed. I received them a lot quicker than I thought I would get them.
average rating 100%
By Walter Bork
Think you have great produce and providing variety, quality and reliable. Appreciate
average rating 100%
Order 12/08/2018
By Carel van Rooyen
Yet again excellent service. Thank you so much. Keep up the good service.
average rating 100%
Great 04/22/2018
By Ronald HardenSr
These blades are worth the extra you have to pay. I will be ordering more.
average rating 100%
great product! 02/06/2019
By Diane Davis
saw blades were exactly what I wanted and ordered. Fast delivery!!! A+++
average rating 100%
pegas blades 04/12/2017
By William Irvine
I have only tried one blade so far but I like the way it performed
average rating 100%
scroll saw blades 02/01/2018
By Dave Taylor
Arrived within three days and they work fine. Very satisfied.
average rating 100%
Came quick and well packaged 11/04/2017
By Delynn Fielding
Came very quickly, packaged well, and excellent blades.
average rating 100%
Modeling 07/16/2018
By Philip Strange
Smaller than expected will be
using on small modeling
average rating 100%
Thank you! 05/03/2017
By Mark Curtis
Quickest service, accuracy and communicatiobs. Thank you!
average rating 100%
Spiral scroll blades 08/24/2017
By rod wickes
Haven't used yet, but they appear to be good quality.
average rating 100%
Great Service. 07/15/2017
By Mark Curtis
Great service. Great communications. Thank you!
average rating 100%
great quality 01/09/2020
By Jack W
Good timely delivery and excellent blades
average rating 100%
Great quality 02/26/2020
By David Christoff
Top notch blades
average rating 60%
Midwest Show 08/19/2018
By David Christoff
have yet to use
average rating 100%
Great quality 01/18/2023
By Michael Paulson
average rating 100%
Awesome 09/15/2018
By Robert Czuchran
average rating 100%
Owner 02/03/2018
By Sergio Marsala

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