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Bear Woods Gives - Cliff McPherson

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Cliff Mcpherson makes an impact on the less fortunate

I've been an amateur woodworker for many years. I've built some furniture, but most of the recent pieces I've constructed are band-saw boxes, models and toys and small scroll saw projects. I also enjoy carving love spoons.

I spent 30 years working for Enron in the field and in the home office in Houston. When the company failed, I stayed with the gas pipelines as Manager - Technical Training Development. In that capacity, I was also responsible for providing guidance to field personnel as relates to certain DOT regulations and requirements. The people and facilities that myself and my staff supported ranged from Needles, California to Miami, Florida and from Michigan to South Texas. Much of my time was spent on airplanes and in hotels and I responded to management, safety, regulatory, environmental and administrative departments. I also provided data and insight during regulatory hearings and inspections.

As you might expect, my job was hectic and nerve wracking at times. Woodworking and carving were my escape.

However, I didn't start woodworking for charity until I retired and moved to North Texas. At first, I worked from free plans from the internet. Later, I noticed ways to alter and improve some of the patterns. Now, I often make toys on the fly using no plans at all or working from a photo. Many of my materials are reclaimed or re-purposed. The models and band-saw boxes are mostly made from hardwood cutoffs from cabinet shops and other manufacturers.

I frequent the culls rack at Home Depot where I can purchase less than perfect lumber at 70% off.

At this time, all of my work goes to the Salvation Army, though there are other organizations that take such donations in the area. It is simply easier for me to make my donations to one place where I know that they will be available for people in need.

The photos attached give an idea of the type of woodworking that I do, but I can provide more toy photos if needed.

Other toys that I build that are not pictured include a truck-shaped toy box, trains, doll beds, puzzles, push toys and additional pull toys, boats, airplanes, tops, and small animals with movable ears, legs and tails. Thanks again for your interest in my hobby. Cliff

Average rating:
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1 reviews

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donation 12/11/2019
By Jim Porter
This was a donation. Thank you for all you do for kids.