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Unfinished Wooden Beads - Round, Barrel, Oval

Smooth, well sanded, and ready for your wood bead craft projects.

Shop for round wooden beads, oval bead | Bear Woods Supply

Choose from oval beads, barrel beads, round wooden beads and doll head beads.

Great prices, incredible selection, excellent quality wood beads.


1) Many Sizes available - including varying hole sizes.

2) Review Product details by clicking on a product below.  You will see a close-up photo with measurements also.

3) Some wooden beads are made in North America of solid birch or maple hardwood - see product for details about a specific wooden bead or contact us for further info.

Shop with confidence at Bear Woods Supply for wooden beads for crafting and classroom projects. All of our unfinished wooden beads are smooth and well made, with accurate dimensions.

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* Quantity Pricing Available. Follow link for details.