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Over 5000 toys a year given away.

Mike Holden - Master Wood Toy Maker.  You will have seen him earlier this year making 30 models in just 34 days for a museum exhibition

At Grandpa's Workshop (AWC Woods) it's our goal to make free toys for kids.

We also sell toys at crafts shows and other different events, in which we use all proceeds to make more toys to give away to kids that are less fortunate.

This has worked well for us, to help with the cost of materials, etc. We've had our own charitable organizations that we work with as well.

I believe one of our biggest is St. Jude's Hospital (Memphis Tn.) Kids Cancer Hospitals, Muscular Dystrophy Foundation just because it hits close to my heart.

We also do events with our community, like letting kids make their own toys. 

We do the work for the pre-made kits and let the kids decorate and glue the wheels in place. All free for the kids of course.

This charitable work gets done three times a year! Giving away over 5000 free toys each year.

Great partners such as Bear Woods Supply Company and a few other local companies contribute to helping us reach our goal. It can get really expensive just for single-person or small-scale businesses to keep up without sponsorship.

When we pull together our hearts, we can really make things happen. Helping any way possible is our motive.

Providing different benefits for families that have had tragedy in their life is important to us. 

We are growing beyond belief and we are so proud to be a small part in making the world a better place for all of us.

If you will like to know more or see some pictures of past events visit us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/woodtoycraftsman/.

We love serving people just to see all the smiles. That is what it is all about to us. Thanks -- Mike Holden


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