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Countersunk Flat Head Decorative Wood Screws

Choose from a large selection of Flat head decorative wood screws in Zinc, Brass and Black finishes for picture hangers and general woodworking.

Screws for picture framing and woodworking - Size Ranges

Screw head type Size Range Length
Flat head screws (FH) have a flat outer-face and conical shape. Also known as "countersunk" screws. #2 up to #6 3/8 to 1-1/2"
JUMP TO Pan head screws (PH) have a low disc with a rounded outer edge. #10 3/16 by 1-1/4"
JUMP TO Round head screws (RH) have a dome-shaped head, and are commonly used for decoration. #2 up to #12 1/8" to 1"

Don't forget about Screw Eyes, Cup hooks and Shoulder Hooks.

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