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Pegas Modified Geometry Blades #3R (.0126 x .0335 x 12.4TPI) (Pk/144)

Average rating:
average rating 98%
42 reviews
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Price $48.77 $43.57
Per pack of 144 quality scroll saw blades
US NO TAX, Part #: 144 SBL-6830
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Pegas Modified Geometry Scroll Saw Blades #3R

Pégas Modified Geometry Scroll Saw Blades tooth design minimizes burning, tolerates aggressive feed rates, expels chips extremely fast. This leaves a smooth finish and cuts patterns accurately. 

These blades can be used on soft and hard wood. It is also well suited for plastic. If you are currently using Olson PGT or Mach blades you will love our Modified Geometry blades.

View all our Pegas Scroll Saw Blades and more information. 


Modified Geometry Blades by Pegas include downward facing teeth and then the last few are upward facing to clean on the upstroke of the saw.  The teeth setting is proprietary to Pegas. 

All Pegas Blades feature steel that is hardened and strengthened for durability and sharpness.

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Average rating:
average rating 98%
42 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

average rating 100%
Good Blades 11/18/2019
By Joel Alexander
I'm pretty new to scrolling but am learning fast. I tried Pegas blades based on some things I read from Steve Good. Your Modified Geometry blades will be my "go to" from now on and I'll likely buy them from you.
Tried FD's and Ohlens and while they do alright, I found that the Pegas were a bit more aggressive, seemed to last longer, and I'm able to control them better. My order was priced reasonably and delivered as promised. Thanks for the good service.
average rating 100%
I love this place !! 03/06/2020
By Gus Gustin
There may be a ton of places to order, but, I just have never gotten the support that I get from this one. I'm so new to this stuff - wood - and they have provided me with the insight I need to get the hobby off the ground.
I've made some pretty cool stuff - and - it's all because of their help !! Well .. theirs and Steve Goods tutorials - and - others.
I'd write more - but - I'm on my way out to the shop to use those new Pegas MG blades they just sent me!
average rating 100%
Awesome blades. 05/27/2018
By Everette L Burk
Ordered 3 doz of the #3R Modified Geometry on the recommendation a friend not long ago, they were such good blades for the type of cutting I do I have now ordered a gross of them. Great blades that give nice clean cuts, corner great. I use for puzzles and lettering on plaques. Try 'em, you'll like them.
average rating 100%
Love these blades 03/17/2019
By Clayton Farrell
Bought the sample packs of these blades to see how they would work for me. I loved them so much I came back and bought a bulk pack. They cost a fraction of what the blades I was using cost, and give a far superior cut. Thanks Bear Woods! And thanks for the fast service.
average rating 100%
Super Blades 05/18/2021
By John Seltenrich
Pegas Blades are the best blades I've ever used. I do a lot of fretwork with tiny cut outs and the Modified Geometry 2 and 3R are the perfect fit for me.

By the way last year I received a Pegas scroll saw. That's a Great Combination with the blades.
average rating 100%
Best blades 02/10/2023
By Richard Redman
I have used multiple brands of blades over my 25 years of Scrolling. I firmly believe that the Pegas blades, particularly modified geometry blades, are the best on the market! I am always impressed with the prompt service that I get from Bear Woods Supply.
average rating 100%
Excellent Customer Service 01/09/2020
By Clayton Farrell
Place my order with Bear Woods. I had a bit of a problem with my order. I contacted Bear Woods about the problem. They were very apologetic and made the order right with no hesitation or excuses. That's waht I call great customer service.
average rating 100%
Supplier 10/11/2018
By Randy Powell
ALMOST any company can take an order!
But Bear Woods wants to be your supplier, and they act like it on every order and after you receive it. Bear Woods wants to know if everything is OK. Thank you
I highly recommend Bear Woods.
average rating 100%
By Larry Gardner
having tried the pegas blades before i refuse to use anything else. i find that i can actually use a smaller blade than other brands to do the same cuts, and in so doing get a tighter fit on my intarsia projects.
average rating 100%
best quality blades 01/25/2022
By Lorie Arnold
The blades are great - that's why they are all I use. What I am unhappy about is the amount of time it takes to get things I order from Bear. This was my second try, and took forever both times.
average rating 100%
Great Quality 10/30/2019
By Jim Brown
As always - Great Quality - but this time something happened. Seems that the shipment must have found a shortcut - Because it was a few days shorter on delivery. Happy Customer..
YEAH ! ! !
average rating 100%
Very happy with these blades 01/08/2020
By Michael Fisher
These blades in my opinion are the best out there. The shipping was out the same day I ordered and got to me three days earlier than expected. Will be shopping more with Bear Woods
average rating 100%
Still Happy!! 11/19/2021
By Gary Morris
I find your Modified Geometry blades to be the best blades that I have used in the last 22 years.
I use #3 and #5 most of the time. That,s why I ordered 3 gross of each.
average rating 100%
Modified Geometry Blade Order 02/06/2019
By Billie R. Ellis
Outstanding blades (MG #3) I use 90% of the time! Also use MG #1 for fretwork and #5 for veining. Quick response shipping orders and arrival when expected! Thank you!!
average rating 100%
#3 12/03/2018
By Gary Morris
I am really impressed with the modified geometry #3 blade. I like the aggressive cut, the color of the blade and the length of cutting time.
average rating 100%
Great blades 04/19/2018
By Susann Baker
These blades are durable and minimize tear out in plywood cutting which is always a frustration. Best blades I've bought in a long time.
average rating 100%
Happy customer 07/03/2021
By Gerald Steiner
Service was spot on. Delivery as promised. I will purchase BearWoods products in the future and will recommend them to out carving club.
average rating 100%
Happy happy. 12/10/2021
I only have one complaint: what do I do with all the other brands of blades? Since I’ve been using the MG blades, the others just sit.
average rating 100%
Great products 10/24/2022
By John Severson
Always a win win with Bear Woods Supply. Always great quality products and shipping from Canada never more than 7 days for me so far.
average rating 100%
great blades and service 12/22/2018
By wade rahtz
the blades are great. the shipping without tracking is a bit strange, but quick and no hassles. great company to do business with
average rating 100%
My favorite blade 03/26/2019
By Steven Forgue
Modified geometry creates a a clean cut so very little sanding off finished project. Smooth cuts and moderately aggressive cut.
average rating 100%
Satisfied 02/04/2022
By Peter ferrigan
Friendly, efficient, timely, and economic — what more can a person ask?
The blades work very well — very pleased!
average rating 100%
My Gest Go To Blade 03/04/2019
By Richard St Louis
The #3R Modified Geometry blades are my primary go to scroll saw blade with the #5R a close second. Love them!
average rating 100%
great blades 12/30/2019
By Roy Lee
Pegas #3 blade cuts fast and clean, really like this blade. Have used Olsen blades Pegas is a much better blade.
average rating 100%
Fantastic blades 01/25/2022
By Dick Hastings
Pegas MG blades are the best blades I've ever used, bar none. They track straight and are very durable.
average rating 100%
Happy Customer 05/08/2020
By James Wolff`
Great shipping time. Great product. This is the only scroll saw glade I will use from now on.
average rating 100%
Pegas blades 02/13/2018
By Paul
Great blades, great blades, what else is there to say about them. Great customer service.
average rating 100%
Perfect For What I needed 01/18/2023
By Earl Miner
Work very well and I like that it has the screws included. The price is very reasonable.
average rating 100%
Great service 12/28/2017
By James Pyle
My wife loves Pegas scroll saw blades and this order will keep her happy for a while.
average rating 60%
blade order 07/23/2018
By Gregory DeLong
ordered a gross and was sent only a dozen, , but a phone call fixed that right away .
average rating 100%
Scrollsaw blades 05/16/2019
By LaVerne Klein
Very pleased with the service I received. Email notices were timely and informative.
average rating 100%
Great quality 11/05/2021
By Daniel Sullivan
These are the best blades. They leave a smooth finish and seem to last forever
average rating 100%
Happy with purchase 04/07/2018
By Arthur Fleming
I’m new to scrolling, order was shipped quickly and I love the Pegas blades.
average rating 100%
best quality blades 02/12/2021
By Lorie Arnold
Pegas MG blades really cut well and very clean So easy to use.
average rating 100%
great products 08/03/2023
By Thomas Jones
Really enjoy these blades. like cutting through butter.
average rating 100%
HAPPY 12/16/2022
By Bob Boykin
great blades practice with before just going for it.
average rating 80%
happy customer 12/09/2019
By Joseph Preston
will reorder again as needed - work well for needs
average rating 100%
Happy customer 04/11/2023
By stanley wenner jr
Love the way the blades cut thank you
average rating 100%
Always Awesome 12/03/2020
By Jon Hollingsworth
Basically bitchen blades! Always
average rating 100%
Great quality 02/18/2023
By Jerry Lightle
Excellent customer service!
average rating 100%
Pegas Modified Geometry scroll saw blades 12/10/2018
By rainey horne
These blades are great.
average rating 100%
Blades 05/06/2018
By Milton Moon
Best blade available.

Scrollers Micro Drill Bits and Adapters to use them with your drill.

Work lights to clamp to your saw | A Square to make sure your blade is square.

Finishing Supplies - to get in the corners and remove fuzzies.  We recommend our Files and 3M Hand Pads

Ready for more fun? Try a Rotary tool from Pegas - with attachments for finishing, adding details and even carving.  They are better than Dremels, lighter weight, easier to change bits and variable speed (with a foot pedal)

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