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Pegas Modified Geometry Scroll Saw Blades #9R (.0173" x .0512" x 9.6TPI) (Pk/144)

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9 reviews
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Price $48.77 $43.57
Per pack of 144 quality scroll saw blades
Part #: 144 SBL-71
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Modified Geometry Scroll Saw Blades #9R - Swiss Quality

Swiss made Pégas Modified Geometry Scroll Saw Blades tooth design, minimizes burning, tolerates aggressive feed rates, and expels chips extremely fast. This leaves a smooth finish and cuts patterns accurately.

These blades can be used on soft and hard wood. It is also well suited for plastic. If you are currently using Olson PGT or Mach blades you will love our Modified Geometry blades.

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Modified Geometry Blades by Pegas include downward facing teeth and then the last few are upward facing to clean on the upstroke of the saw.  The teeth setting is proprietary to Pegas. 

All Pegas Blades feature steel that is hardened and strengthened for durability and sharpness.

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Average rating:
average rating 100%
9 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

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Blade order 04/08/2019
By Michael Geoghagan
I was very impressed the way my order was handled. They communicated they my order was going to take little longer than expected because they was waiting on a shipment of Pegas blade. However they communicated with complete empathy that they did not have the other blades that I had order. However the blade that they ship arrived in a timely fashion. I will only order from Bear woods because of their detail customer service personal. Happy Scrolling
average rating 100%
Total satisfaction! 10/27/2019
By Rick Heth
I love these Scroll Saw Blades ability to chew through anything I throw at them AND how they allow free-hand straight cuts to turn out the way I want them. Working with both hardwoods and softwoods, I have been really impressed with their long-life, too. It is amazing how much better these are than most of their competitions' offerings... I'm now a life-time devotee.
average rating 100%
Love these blades 10/25/2022
By Robert Fredrick
I have been scroll sawing for more than a decade and have tried many different blades. The Pegas Modified Geometry blades have become my favorite. They cut aggressively, but not overly so, and the tearout on the bottom of the pieces is minimal. I love these blades so much that I now purchase them by the gross (from Bear Woods, of course).
average rating 100%
good job 07/23/2020
By alex lobus
I have bought from Bear several times, and have been very happy with selection, quality and service. THough they are in Canada. shipping is reasonable and quick. Never had to wait more than 6 days for the 3200 mile trip.
average rating 100%
Great quality blades 10/25/2022
By Robert Fredrick
The Pegas Modified Geometry blades have become my favorite. They cut aggressively, but not overly so, last long, and leave minimal tearout on the bottom of the workpiece.
average rating 100%
Doing the job! 10/21/2022
By Leslie Gordon
I am making compound cut scroll saw ornaments and need more aggressive blades to cut 2” thick wood. These cut cleanly and make tight turns well.
average rating 100%
Very happy customer 02/04/2022
By Brent Gerdes
The order came 1 week early. I was so happy. Thanks so very much. The blades work great.
average rating 100%
Happy 09/19/2020
By arthur cottrell
Great scroll saw blades
average rating 100%
Blades for doing bowls 03/09/2019
By Michael Alewine
Just what I needed.

Scrollers Micro Drill Bits and Adapters to use them with your drill.

Work lights to clamp to your saw | A Square to make sure your blade is square.

Finishing Supplies - to get in the corners and remove fuzzies.  We recommend our Files and 3M Hand Pads

Ready for more fun? Try a Rotary tool from Pegas - with attachments for finishing, adding details and even carving.  They are better than Dremels, lighter weight, easier to change bits and variable speed (with a foot pedal)

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