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Poplar Dowels in Lengths up to 12 feet

Poplar is the lowest cost USA sourced and made hardwood for dowels and most reliable for longer lengths. USA Made, Kiln dried Poplar Dowel Rods - clear, smooth and accurately sized.

Choose a Bundle below or Contact us to Request a Custom Length and quantity.

About Poplar Wood for Dowels

Common Name: Poplar, Yellow
Botanical Name: Liriodendron tulipifera
Density - g/cc: 0.427
Density - lbs/cu.ft.: 26.66
Modulus of rupture, air dry - kg/sq.mm: 6.52
Modulus of elasticity, air dry - kg/sq.mm: 1058

About the hardwood we turn into Poplar Dowels. Sapwood from yellow-poplar is sometimes called white poplar or whitewood. Yellow poplar grows from Connecticut and New York southward to Florida and westward to Missouri. The greatest commercial production of yellow poplar lumber is in the South and Southeast. Yellow-poplar sapwood is white and frequently several centimeters wide. The wood is generally straight grained and comparatively uniform in texture. Slow-grown wood is moderately light in weight and moderately low in bending strength, moderately soft, and moderately low in shock resistance. The wood has moderately high shrinkage when dried from a green condition, but it is not difficult to dry and is stable after drying. The lumber is used primarily for furniture, interior moulding, siding, cabinets, musical instruments, and engineered wood composites. Boxes, pallets, and crates are made from lower-grade stock. Yellow-poplar is also made into plywood for paneling, furniture, piano cases, and various other special products.


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