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BWS-Gives-Tom Taylor & Muskingum County Scrollers

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Tom Taylor and the Muskingum County Scrollers

Meet Tom Taylor, who has gone to great lengths to set-up free school for his community to learn the wonderful craft and art of scrolling.

After seeing the Freedom Center in Dubuque Iowa, (where Tom won several awards at the Scroll Saw Show) Tom went home and opened up a shop in his hometown to teach scrolling to teens and vets for absolutely free.

Seyco is a sponsor - they helped with a great deal on 6 used saws and patterns, stands, lights .

I'm looking for some help with some blades and maybe a pattern here is there.

Everything thing I cut is sold at whatever I can get out of it to cover rent on the space and buy supplies. I had the portraits at the Iowa show and did well in my 1st show.

Thanks for the pegas hat since all my spiral and a lot of straight cuts are pegas blade cuts. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Happy scrolling .Today we open for the 1st time:) I have 7 saws set up and ready to go.

Learn More: https://www.facebook.com/ScrollMaster2018/


Average rating:
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1 reviews

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Happy Customer 12/13/2019
By Elizabeth Faulk
Everything was just as ordered, packaged very well and delivered in a timely manner

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