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BWS-Gives Wes Coglan Jr

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90 year old Santa Rosa California Woodworker gives 12 toys weekly to school classes, and to conflict centers overseas

Here's a note from a teacher who has received toys from Mr. Coglan. The note is addressed to Mr. Coglan's son.

"First I have to tell you how much I love your dad! I’m a neighbor of Sally Mullen’s. Wes asked Sally if she knew any teachers who might be interested in the wooden vehicles. I teach kindergarten in Petaluma. Sally brought me 4 plain wooden cars for my class. The kids loved them. I let Sally know that so she could tell Wes. Wes asked if I would like some more. Of course I said yes! Within a week I had a large box packed with a variety of cars and trucks. I couldn’t believe that this man who was basically a stranger to me could be so generous.

The kids in my class were so excited about our fleet that we invited Wes and Sally to Petaluma for a visit. Wes brought even more cars with him. We sat the kids in a big circle and kept rolling out car after car from the box. Wes took so much joy from the kids’ reactions to the cars. One of the boys, Diego, asked, “Mr.Colgan, where is the ice cream truck?” A little girl asked why there weren’t any pink or purple trucks. I think these kids opened gave Wes some new ideas to work with. My class made your dad a book. Each child picked a favorite car or truck to write about. Wes kept giving us cars...

It got to the point where I asked if I could share the wealth with teachers at other schools. Wes was so pleased by that. He has made fleets of cars for every single kindergarten and transitional K class in the Old Adobe School District—that’s around 18 classes! I’ve since connected Wes with teachers and classrooms in: Petaluma Santa Rosa Novato San Rafael Vallejo.

He has donated cars to my school auction that have gone for big $$. He has motivated Diego (the ice cream truck boy) to write and draw. Diego has a lot of challenges and Wes has made cars for Diego and his brothers. Your dad is a gem. I am proud to have gotten to know him and call him a friend. Warmly, Sue G"

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