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MRM Assorted Reusable Molds

Don't waste a scraps of wood or dried epoxy every again!

Throw dried up pieces of epoxy and extra wood cut-offs, add some fresh epoxy and you have a unique block - use it for creating coasters, art pieces, turning on a lathe and much more. HDPE is resilient - use these mold hundreds of times!

Common Questions.

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  • How easily do Makers Reusable Molds set-up / dissassemble?

    Our Makers Reusable Molds are the perfect investment for those looking to get more into Epoxy Resin work. You can stop wasting valuable creating time putting together molds on your own, and enjoy a FAST set-up and de-molding. Crafted with German Manufactured RAMPA-TEC Inserts and Bolts, you will never have an issue de-molding or setting-up. Our reusable molds are very easy to clean because of the HDPE (High-Density Poly Ethylene) material used in production, nothing sicks! There's no better way to make your Epoxy Projects easier to handle and efficient as possible.

  • How versatile are the Makers Reusable Molds?

    Our Makers Reusable Molds are some of the most versatile on the market today. They are equipped with self-levelling feet and two bubble levels to ensure the most accurate pouring scenarios. The base itself is a perfectly level, non-stick surface and a great platform to use for other molds you may buy and insert. Using more than one mold at a time is a great way to create something new. Normally, finding a perfectly flat, and level surface is one of the most difficult tasks among aspiring Epoxy artists today.

  • How many pours will I get from my Makers Reusable Molds?

    Provided you are handling with a bit of care, we have used our molds here for over 300+ pours with no problems. As stated above, there are many steps in the production of these molds to ensure their longevity, and quality. The intention of these products is to last you a lifetime.

  • Can I combine more than one Makers Reusable Molds to make custom shapes?

    Absolutely, one of the key features to our molds are that they are able to be used together to create a large variety of custom shapes and sizes. You can even create multiple projects within the same pour, using dividers in the base. (see image below)

    Four Projects in One Base

  • Epoxy Resin HDPE Mold for Surfboard or Skateboard

    Surfboard / Skateboard HDPE Molds

    Part #: RM-SURF-SKATE
    Surfboard / Skateboard HDPE Mold (24 x 8 x 2.25 inches) $142.35 Surfboard / Skateboard HDPE Mold (16 x 5 x 2.25 inches) $109.50
  • Epoxy Resin HDPE Mold for Swallow Tail Surfboard
  • HDPE Coaster Mold for epoxy

    The Overpour Mold (12" x 4" x 4")

    Part #: RM-TO