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Wood Burning Resource Center

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- Make sure that the unit is completely plugged in and turned on (it happens)

- If you are using the SuperPro II, make sure the front panel switch is turned to the side you are using.

- Longer tips require more heat than shorter ones, you may need to adjust accordingy for the style of tips being used.

- Check the line voltage to your outlet.

- Check the speed at which you burn. Faster drawing requires increased heat, while drawing slower will require lower temperatures.

- Use honing paper to gently wipe away excess carbon buildup on the tips.

- Avoid working outdoors, near a fan, or in any other area with significant airflow.

- Don’t force the tip into the handle, simply jiggle and push.

- Setting the temperature too high will cause your lines to be too wide. Reduce the heat setting, especially on softer woods..

- Inconsistent burning can be caused by grainy wood. Make sure your piece is properly prepared by finely sanding it prior to burning.

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Wood Burner Care / Maintenance

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  • Store your pens with the caps on in a container in an upright position. We advise against storing in a drawer or toolbox where they may be jostled around. Tips are fragile, and improper storage can result in a burr forming on the cutting edge of the tip that will snag on the wood when burning.

  • Carbon buildup reduces the heat passing through the tip. Clean the tips of your pen by gently rubbing them with honing paper to maintain consistent temperature and avoid having to turn up the temperature setting on your burner.

  • Do not turn the temperature setting all the way up to burn off excess carbon buildup, as repeatedly exposing the tips to extremely high temperatures can cause them to wear out quickly.

  • Turn off the unit when changing tips and/or handpieces to prevent injury and prolong the life of the unit.

  • Never leave the unit turned on for extended periods of time without a tip or handpiece installed. Turn off the unit when not in use.