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Kutzall Flame Burrs

Not every job requires a hammer; sometimes a softer, more delicate touch is needed.
That's the idea behind the Kutzall Flame Burr. Don't get us wrong, it's not a fragile little flower; it's a Kutzall. The Flame Burr's unique shape is designed to shine in a multitude of detail- cutting scenarios.

The Flame Burr is used to produce soft concave cuts, or notch V's with a gentle radius. The "pencil" tip on the Flame Burr is also great for handling your detailed carving tasks.

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  • Kutzall KF-217 Coarse Flame Burr Boxed

    1/8" Shaft, Coarse Flame Burr (1/4" x 1/2") by Kutzall

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    Part #: K-FB2