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Kutzall 1/4" Shaft Power Carving Burrs

The Kutzall Original tool line provides a fast stock removal with an outstanding finish, making them the most universal and best value of Kutzall tools.

The 1/4" shaft burrs are used in flex shaft tools, hand grinders, or other machinery using 1/4" collets or adjustable chucks. They are not prone to loading but may easily be cleaned with solvent or burned clean with a gas torch; the heat won’t harm the teeth.

Quick Reference for Kutzall Carving Bur Shapes

Sphere: The Kutzall Sphere Burr is the king of concave carving, and reigning champion of radiused hollowing. The Sphere Burr is the perfect option for when you need to hollow out a concave surface, like the inside of a bowl or spoon. Maybe you need to produce a hollow with undercut or overhung edges. 

Ball Nose: Kutzall Ball Nose Burrs are designed with versatility in mind. You can use the flat sides to quickly round-over an edge, or, use the rounded nose to produce a fillet in a corner, hollow-out a concave area, or make radius-bottom grooves. Either way, a Kutzall Ball Nose Burr will handle the task with ease.

Cylinder: No rotary carving kit is complete without the quintessential cylinder burr. It's the #2 Phillips- head screwdriver of carving tools; you're going to use it like crazy. The Kutzall Cylinder burr is often used to cut flat surfaces, or 90˚ corners. Tilt the tool and you can use the corner to notch out v-shaped cuts, or show off your freehand skills and use it to soften or round-over sharp edges.

Flame: Not every job requires a hammer; sometimes a softer, more delicate touch is needed.
That's the idea behind the Kutzall Flame Burr. Don't get us wrong, it's not a fragile little flower; it's a Kutzall. The Flame Burr's unique shape is designed to shine in a multitude of detail- cutting scenarios. The Flame Burr is used to produce soft concave cuts, or notch V's with a gentle radius. The "pencil" tip on the Flame Burr is also great for handling your detailed carving tasks.

Dove Tail: The Dove Tail Burr is the perfect example of a tool that you never knew how much you would use, until you actually had one. The unique reverse-tapered shape on the Dove Tail Burr makes it a great tool for producing fine-line detail cuts, or notching v-shaped cuts/undercuts. 

Taper: The Kutzall Taper Burr was designed to be incredibly versatile. With virtually limitless applications, it’s no wonder that the Taper is our most popular and best-selling burr shape; it’s the Swiss Army Knife of Kutzalls. The Taper Burr is perfect for producing angled, concave cuts, and notching v’s with a softly radiused vertex. The conical, “pencil-tip” shape also makes it ideal for careful detail work, and carving smaller, hard-to-reach areas.

  • Kutzall Kit with 3 Burrs for Power Carving
  • Kutzall Kit unboxed with 3 Burrs for Power Carving
  • 1/4 Shaft, Fine Ball Nose Burr (3/4 x 1-1/8) by Kutzall
  • 1/4 Shaft, Fine Sphere Burr (1) by Kutzall
  • 1/4 Shaft, Coarse Sphere Burr (1) by Kutzall