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About Lori Corbett

Birdcarving is Lori's main artform, but she also does glass engraving, pastel painting, graphic pencil drawings and acrylic painting. With the occassional digital artwork thrown in for good measure. Focusing her art exclusively on nature is my Lori's form of worship...every one of her artworks reflect her gratitude for the gifts she has been given. When immersed in her art, Lori often loses track of time; she calls it "flying with the hawks".
Lori is a published author of several bird carving-related articles for Woodcarving Illustrated and Wildfowl Carving Magazine. She's also wrote a how-to book for Fox Chapel Publishing, "Carving Award-Winning Songbirds". She's also collaborated with Denny Rogers on a four book reference series on birds of prey, also published by Fox Chapel Publishing. She contributed 27 paintings, and painting reference to this series.
She's also developed an online practical color theory and mixing course, aimed towards the beginner/intermediate artist. It's got enough theory to demonstrate the concepts taught in the course - practical paint mixing. The right color, every time. https://colortheory.rocks
When she isn't persuing her art, she can be found flyfishing, pitting her skills against the trout. The trout usually win.

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Recent Work

Take a peak at some of the latest projects done by Lori. She posts all her work on Facebook.