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Setting Up And Adjusting Westminster Chime Clock Movements

These instructions are for the Q-25, Q-27 (non pendulum) and the Q-53, Q-55 and Q-57 (with pendulum) Westminster chime movements. All of these models plays the full Westminster chime melody on the hour with an hour count. They also play a partial melody increasing on every 1/4 hour.

NOTE: When setting these movements do not expect the 1/4 hour chimes to begin playing until the movement has been operating for at least one hour.

Once the movement has been installed in your clock case using the center fixation nut, you are ready to set the chimes.

1) Install a fresh "C" cell battery in the position indicated in the battery well.

2) Turn the black hand setting knob in the direction indicated on the back of the movement. Turn this knob until a feint "click" is heard. This will indicate that the minute hand shaft is positioned at the 12:00 position. At this time the Westminster chime melody will start playing followed by an hour count. Count the number of hours counted after the chime melody has just been counted.

3) Press the hour hand on the hour hand shaft in the position indicated by the number of hours just counted if you look closely you will notice that there is a small slot in the hour hand tube that is pointing towards the hour that has just been counted.

4) Press the minute hand on at the 12:00 position. Secure by mounting the small minute hand fixation nut.

5) If you are using a second hand now is the time to press it onto the second shaft in the 12:00 position.

6) If you have the pendulum version of one of these chime movements, remove the pendulum hanger from the shipping position by pulling it towards the back of the movement. Now install the pendulum rod and bob.

7) Let the movement run for an hour or two. Check to be sure that the chime melody is being played on the hour. If not, There is a white "final adjustment" slotted screw on the back of the movement that will enable you to make this adjustment. Each one of these indicators around this screw corresponds to one minute of error. Turn this screw as needed and wait until the next hour is played to see if you have made enough or to much of an adjustment.

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