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How to Choose Wooden Wheels & Components

Wooden Model Car Parts Shopping Tips:

1) Click on a category below to see each size of Wooden Wheel, Axle Pegs or Cargo.

Then click on an item to see a description and for wooden wheels an axle peg recommendation.

2) Choose axle pegs based on your project designs. Or choose from our wooden dowel sticks and axle caps for a fixed axle application.

Also find a Quick Order form Axle Pegs and Accessories when you scroll down the description page of a specific wooden wheel.

3) Add items to your cart, or create a Wishlist as you go - it is easy to change quantities at any time.

We sell based in a few different quantities to help keep costs low - so note the pricing of items and quantities per bag will vary.

In each item description you will see the size as well as the quantity we sell for the price listed.

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