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Instant Bond Wood Adhesive - Medium (2 oz.)

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Part #: TB4-02M
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Instant Bond Wood Adhesive - Thin (2 oz)

This Titebond adhesive is a two-part bonding system that provides a strong, permanent bond that's ideal for hard to reach joints. Though primarily designed for use with wood, this adhesive works with a number of different materials (MDF, acrylic, granite, PVC, and and more). It can even be used as a finish.

The medium viscosity offers a longer assembly time that makes it ideal for filling knots and voids in wood, pen turning, soaking end-gran to reduce splitting, and more. The Instant Bond Activator can help reduce these times, but is not required for the use of this product.

  • Handling time: 7 seconds
  • Set time: 5 seconds
  • Cure time: 30 seconds (full cure in 8 hours)
  • Not intended for exterior use or where moisture may occur
  • 2 year shelf life
  • Not for use on product in contact with food items
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