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Sanding & Cutting Discs for Rotary Tools

Excellent solution for project finishing with your rotary tools. Quality and easy change discs.

These Sanding discs when combined with our mandrel will work with any 1/8" collett Rotary Tool, including our Marathon

  • Sanding Discs for rotary tools Mandrel

    Sanding Disc Mandrel

    US NO TAX, Part #: RF-40
    Click for Details
  • wheel mandrels

    Wheel Mandrel with 1/16" Screw & 1/8" Shank

    US NO TAX, Part #: RF-15
    Click for Details
  • 110131CuttingDiscs

    High Speed Cutting Discs (Per 25)

    US NO TAX, Part #: RF-24
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