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Reverse Skip and Double Skip Reverse Tooth Scroll Saw Blades

5" Plain End Scroll Saw Blades from Pegas.

Scroll Saw Blades Testimonial Steve Good Scrollsaw Workshop

Reverse teeth prevent splinters from developing on the underside of the work piece because the top teeth do not cut entirely through the work.

Thickness of work range 1/4 inch to 1 inch. These scrollsaw blades perform well with wood, plastic, bone, Corian and most fibrous materials.

Skip Reverse Tooth Scroll Saw Blades (5")

Same tooth geometry as Skip but with an addition of reverse teeth to the bottom of the blade. REVERSE blades prevent splinters on the underside of the work piece.

Suitable for: Hardwoods, Medium Hardwoods.  Excellent for: Softwoods, Plywood, Corian Plastics.

Reverse Skip Tooth Scroll Saw Blades | Bear Woods Supply
Browse Below for the selection of Reverse Tooth and Double Skip Reverse Tooth Blades from Pegas.  Order by the Gross (144 Blades) or Dozen (12 Blades)

Our SKU No # Thick Width TPI Cutting Trace (Inch) Optimal Thickness for recommended material Inch (mm) Drill Size (US) Pilot Hole (Inch)
SSB-60 3R .0126" .0335" 16.4 .0142" 1/6-2/5"  (4-10mm) 60 .0400"
SSB-61 5R .0142" .0402" 14.5 .0161" 1/3-3/5"  (8-15mm) 56 .0465"
SSB-62 7R .0157" .0488" 13 .0181" 2/5-4/5"  (10-20mm) 54 .0550"
SSB-63 9R .0173" .0512" 11.8 .020" 1/2-1"  (12-25mm) 52 .0635"

Double Skip Reverse Tooth Scroll Saw Blades (5")

This tooth arrangement offers an efficient chip removal and, therefore, PREVENTS WOOD FROM BURNING. Fast blade which leaves a smooth finish.

 Excellent for Softwoods, Medium Hardwoods, Plywood and Corian Plastics.  Suitable for Hardwoods.

Double Skip Reverse Tooth scroll-saw blades | Bear Woods Supply
Our SKU No # Thick Width TPI Cutting Trace (Inch) Optimal Thickness for recommended material Inch (mm) Drill Size (US) Pilot Hole (Inch)
SSB-64 5R .0142" .0402" 12.1 .0161" 1/3-3/5"  (8-15mm) 56 .0465"
SSB-65 7R .0157" .0488" 10.9 .0181" 2/5-4/5"  (10-20mm) 54 .0550"
SSB-66 9R .0173" .0512" 9.7 .020" 1/2-1"  (12-25mm) 52 0.064

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Pégas saw blades are manufactured in Switzerland from high quality carbon steel and contain the highest possible carbon content for saw blade applications. Pégas also makes use of a proven fabricating process that produces crisp, sharp, precisely formed teeth. All the blades are heat treated and tempered to maintain uniform grain structure and to achieve the highest hardness possible. This process creates long lasting durable blades, making them the finest in the world. Additionally, all Pégas  scroll saw blades are capable of performing in power saw applications.

How to Select Scroll Saw Blades:

1) Scroll Down to see selection by size of Scroll Saw Blades.  Refer to the table above for manufacturing specifications and recommendations.

2) Enter Quantity Desired and Click "Add to Cart." Or call us and we'll be happy to take your order.

3) Shop by the dozen or by the gross (144 blades).    Add items to your cart as you go and proceed to checkout (the shopping cart button at the top of the page).  You can change quantities at checkout as well.

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