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Replacement Parts for Wear Items on your Pegas Scroll Saw

Genuine OEM replacement parts for Pegas Scroll Saws.

Find the maintenance items you may need for your Pegas Scroll Saw. Most items available have an indicated lead time. 

Trouble with any parts or finding something? Please contact us and we'll help! We've just listed items here that have been needed occasionally post-warranty - if your saw is still under the 2 year Pegas Warranty, please contact us for assistance.

Need renewal parts or kits for your Pegas Blade Clamps? Scroll down for the link!

  • Air Pump Bellows for Pegas Scroll Saw
  • Replacement Motor Pegas Scroll Saw

    Replacement Motor for Pegas Scroll Saw

    Part #: 90.750-C65

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