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BWS-Gives Steven Moser

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Stephen Moser is 76 years young, with a background in teaching children with learning disabilities for 36 years. Retiring in 2007 freed up time to volunteer with organizations such as Vitalant (BloodSource), as well as participating in events through the Sacramento Area Woodworkers club.

Stephen made his first toy car in March 2020 after receiving information about Steve Wood's son, Isaac, and his 1,000 cars-in-a-day project. After making 15 cars with the wrong paint, he quickly learned the requirements laid out by his state and got to work on replacement toys. Incredibly he finished 350 hand crafted and hand painted toys by November 2020, which were then donated to 4 respective organizations.

This year Stephen is proud to have been able to contribute 85 toy cars and "Animals on Wheels" to Shriner's Children's Hospital and is looking forward to continuing. His Animals on Wheels have brought a playful spin to the traditional toy car, adding an extra element of fun for everyone! Stephen also intends on creating 50 "Kolor Kars" where children can color their own blank wood toy, letting their imagination take over.

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