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Lighting and Magnification for your Workspaces

A good set-up can make the difference between a good project and a great one. See the most of what you're doing today with inspection lamps and magnification headbands.

Bear Woods chooses each workshop tool and supply for quality and durability.

  • Magnification Headband with LED lights

    Magnification Headband with LED Light

    Average rating:
    average rating 80%
    US NO TAX, Part #: WT-40
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  • MAG LED work light

    Magnetic LED Work Light

    Average rating:
    average rating 60%
    US NO TAX, Part #: WT-42
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  • Inspection Lamp |LED Magnification Lamp

    Adjustable Inspection & Magnification Lamp - Fluorescent or LED

    Average rating:
    average rating 93%

    US NO TAX, Part #: WT-INSP
    Inspection Lamp $77.95 LED Inspection Lamp $116.50 Scrollers Light & Pedal Pack $107.10
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  • scroll saw foot switch and magnifying inspection lamp

    Scrollers Light & Pedal Pack

    US NO TAX, Part #: SS-PACK-3
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