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1/4" Barrel Carbide Bur (3/32" Shaft)

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Part #: CB-30
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1/4" Barrel Carbide Bur

Use this long-lasting carbide bur to rough out a carving. The rounded point won't dig into your carving, so you can rough out easily. The round point also allows you to carve wide grooves. It cuts quickly on all kinds of wood and leaves a smooth finish. 

These Carbide Burs are great for your Marathon or Dremel Rotary Tools.



Works with Dremel and other rotary tools. Industrial quality for accuracy and durability. "3/32"-diameter shank (shaft)" - you may need to use a 3/32" collet or reducing sleeve to accommodate smaller shaft sizes. Our Pegas High Speed Rotary Tool includes a reducing sleeve to accommodate 3/32" Shafts.

Max Speed Specifications:

Carbide Bur (1/4") tools can be used at a maximum of 70,000 (RPM) Rotations Per Minute

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