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Plain MDF Round Starter Kit

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Part #: EK-Round-2
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Basic MDF Round Starter Kit with Epoxy and Accessories

The sky is the limit with this basic starter kit! Complete with a 12" round and 4" coasters, you'll also receive mixing materials, gloves, and epoxy resin. We know that choosing what colors you want to work with is half the fun, so we've left that in your capable hands! Be sure to head over to our Colorants page to check out our large selection of products, including pre-selected bundles. Not sure what to create? Visit our Inspirations Page to see these projects in action!

Tips & Tricks About Your Kit

Reusable materials have been provided to help give you the most out of your purchase. To clean your mixing cups and stir sticks, we recommend wiping clean with baby wipes and/or 91-99% isopropyl alcohol. Please use proper safety precautions when working with isopropyl alcohol.

Read the directions enclosed with your epoxy resin fully before beginning your project. Following the directions closely will help ensure that there aren't any hiccups along the way! Mixing slowly and thoroughly, scraping the sides and bottom, is crucial to minimizing bubbles for that glass look we all love.

Taping your edges or the bottom of your piece will help avoid the need for excess sanding. Although there is a chance you'll still get minor seepage, it won't be nearly as much work as leaving it uncovered. When it's time to remove your tape, using a heat gun to heat up the glue/resin will make for a clean peel.

What's Included?

Product Name SKU Quantity
MAS Table Top Epoxy Resin MAS-TT-QT 1
12" Wood Craft Round MDF-12R 1
4" Wood Craft Round MDF-04R 1
Medium Nitrile Gloves RA-03 1
1/2 Pint Mixing Cup RA-C40 1
1 Pint Mixing Cup RA-C05 1
Reusable Mixing Sticks RA-01 1


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