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Bur Cleaning Kit

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Bur Cleaning System

Over time, different woods will clog up power carving burs. Some burs clog easier than others, and when you add glue or epoxy to the mix, bits clog even faster. Some carvers soak bits in caustic substances like acetone or oven cleaner. Others resort to a butane or propane torch to burn out the wood - all of which can damage your expensive bits.

Grobet's Burr Cleaning System gently removes sawdust and char using ultrasonic technology. Add water and a bit of dish soap to the ultrasonic cleaner to remove most sawdust and char. For tougher clogs, add Magic Green to the ultrasonic cleaner and let it dissolve overnight. Run the bit through the cleaner a few times to loosen the char and grime and then brush it gently with the brass brush. for tough glue and epoxy, soak the bit in the Attack Epoxy Dissolver, carefully remove the bit from the solution (wear fluid resistant gloves), and brush as needed.


Each Carving Burr Cleaning Kit Includes

  • Magic Green Ultrasonic Cleaning Concentrate: a fast-acting solution that is ammonia free and does not evaporate
  • Attack Glue Dissolving Compound (8 oz can): dissolves cured resins from metal, stone, glass, wood, etc.
  • Brass Scratch Brush: 4 rows of brass wire help remove hard to get dust and residue




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