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12" Round Sculpted Panel Kit

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Part #: EK-SP-4
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Sculpted Panel Starter Kit with Epoxy and Accessories

Sculpted Panels are a fun way to bring some serious dimension into your pieces! Done in layers, these panels allow you to build up depth within your artwork. In this conveniently curated kit you'll receive two versions of a round 12" Sculpted Panel, as well as mixing materials, gloves, epoxy resin, and the ezForms for the outer edge of your panel. We know that choosing what colors to work with can be a tough call, so we've left out colorants from these kits and left that choice in your capable hands. Be sure to head over to our Colorants page to check out our large selection! 

Not sure how to style these panels yourself? Consider visiting our Clock Parts page or our Inspirations Page to see these panels in action!

Panel Preparation Information

We've included an ezForm for both panels for ease, but they are reusable as long as they haven't been warped. What are ezForms you ask? They're a pliable plastic wrap that creates a walled barrier for your resin pour, allowing you to build layers up. We strongly recommend coating the inside (where the resin will touch) with a Paste Wax (Minwax, Varathane, etcetera) to create a barrier between the plastic and the resin. Failure to do so could result in being unable to remove the ezForm from your resined panel. Do not apply direct heat to the ezForm or it is at risk of warping/burning.

When it comes to fitting your ezForm onto your panel you have the option of leaving your ezForm at it's original length, or trimming it down to size; both of which are a matter of personal preference. Trimming to size may eliminate a small gap from forming where resin could seep through, but a proper fit will help curb this from happening. We also suggest having a piece of tape on hand to easily join the two ends of your ezForm so that it holds shape while you tape the remainder of the form to your panel. 

Painting the base of your panel with spray paint or acrylic is a great way to both prime your panel and create a base layer of color! We recommend doing so, even with a flat white or black, prior to pouring. 

Are you wondering how to get a smooth edge once the form is removed? Easy! Sand your piece (we recommend not going higher than 320 grit to avoid adhesion issues) and tape the bottom to prepare for a flood coat. Although sanding the piece will scratch it up, doing a flood coat (otherwise known as doming) over your panel will bring back that glass-like shine that we're all going for!

Tips & Tricks About Your Kit

Reusable materials have been provided to help give you the most out of your purchase. To clean your mixing cups and stir sticks, we recommend wiping clean with baby wipes and/or 91-99% isopropyl alcohol. Please use proper safety precautions when working with isopropyl alcohol.

Read the directions enclosed with your epoxy resin fully before beginning your project. Following the directions closely will help ensure that there aren't any hiccups along the way! Mixing slowly and thoroughly, scraping the sides and bottom, is crucial to minimizing bubbles for that glass look we all love.

Less is more when it comes to coloring your resin for these panels - having a translucent color will help you see the designs of the panel!

What's Included?

Product Name SKU Quantity
MAS Table Top Epoxy Resin - 1 Gallon MAS-TT-GN 1
12" Round Sculpted Panel - Ridge SP-RR-12 1
12" Round Sculpted Panel - Water SP-RW-12 1
Sculpted Panel EZ FORM Wrap SP-REZ-12 2
Medium Nitrile Gloves RA-03 1
1/2 Pint Mixing Cup RA-C40 1
1 Pint Mixing Cup RA-C05 1
Reusable Mixing Sticks RA-01 1


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