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1931 Cadillac Roadster 17" Full Kit and Plan

Average rating:
average rating 82%
9 reviews
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Toys and Joys - Single-use Kits

Precision drafted full-sized plans by Toys and Joys mailed to you that fold out as blueprints with measurements and templates for all of the parts to build this model wooden locomotive train and its tender.

  • Complete, At-A-Glance materials list to teach you how to make a wooden model train locomotive and tender, that when done will be about 28" long.

  • Easy-to-follow plans, templates, and instructions to build wooden model trains.

Parts kits are only accessory items, like wheels, pegs, dowels, etc.  You still need to cut the body, frame, fenders, etc. out of your wood, following the pattern.  

Some kits do not have all of the wheels to finish the model. You may have to make them following the step-by-step process as shown on the pattern.  (Hummer, Construction vehicles, Military vehicles, Tractors, etc.)

Average rating:
average rating 82%
9 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

average rating 100%
Happy customer 10/15/2019
By Richard Lefebvre
Not sure if I had the skills, so I cautiously purchased one plan and related specialty parts from Bear Woods. While following the plan requires some knowledge of woodworking, the results were excellent. The plan was precise and well documented. The specialty parts were well crafted. I just ordered two additional plans and currently working on the Acme Moving & Storage truck. Like this first plan, the results are exceeding my expectations. I can't wait to start the 1931 Cadillac Roadster. I'm glad I found Bear Woods. They have loads of plans and they will continue to get my business as long as I can operate my woodworking tools. Excellent company; excellent products; excellent customer service!!!
average rating 100%
Great Quality 01/19/2022
By Robert Bakshis
The pattern calls for W75-CST wheels (2 3/4"x 3/4" - with treads and wide tire 'rubber'). This part is not listed in the Bear Woods catalog.

The recommended parts list suggests SW-275 wheels (2 3/4" x 1/2" - with no tread and narrow tire 'rubber')

However theSW-275H wheels ((2 3/4"x 3/4" - with treads and wide tire 'rubber') should be the recommendation to get the desired look.
average rating 100%
Will be doing business again 12/09/2018
By david francis

Received all the plans I ordered in an envelope and not in a box this time. Very pleased with all the plans can’t wait to get into them. Will definitely be doing business with you again if the wife and my age permit. Finished the Excavator Pattern No65 absolutely chuffed with it. Great Plans.

average rating 60%
Ok pattern 11/24/2020
By Gary Gardner
Was somewhat disappointed. Plans were not as detailed as one other set I purchased. Several pieces had no dimension drawings for them (lights, wheels, etc.) Will have to improvise a lot.
average rating 100%
great plans 01/14/2018
By melvin rudner
Giant size plans to show you exactly how to
build a great old time car..Just trace on your wood and cut...fairly simple!!
average rating 80%
review title 03/19/2018
By Larry Kelvie
Nice Plans well drawn easy to read and follow.
average rating 100%
Excited 04/23/2020
By Geoff Hughes
Plans look good. Can't wait to get started
average rating 80%
Wooden car plans 10/30/2017
By Reidar Nøstbakken
Very quick and presise delivery.

Each Toys and Joys Pattern is a full sized blueprint style pattern, complete with scale drawings and measurements of each part. You can also reference the tab "Recommended Parts" for some popular items required by the pattern that you can buy (or make).

Here's some tools we suggest that will help you to work with most of the Toys and Joys patterns.

Band Saw or other saw to cut the body pieces.
Drill Press
Power Sander: Disc Sander / Belt Sander Combination)
Table Saw
Spindle Sander (Not required but can be useful)
Small clamps (Rubber Bands can be used in some cases)
Scroll Saw (Nice to have, but not required)
Lathe (Only required for a 3 models) (Locomotives, & Ready Mix Truck)
Some hand tools can be useful.

Plus of course some Glue - we recommend our Titebond Glue

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