Transform Unfinished Wood Blocks Into Unique and Personalized Baby Shower Activity

APRIL 21, 2017

wedding and baby shower craft ideas

Planning a baby shower takes a great deal of time and effort, especially when it comes to finding fun activities to keep guests entertained and engaged. One option is to set up craft stations where guests can make keepsake items to give to the new mother. At Bear Woods Supply Company, we offer products that can be used to craft the perfect gift, including our unfinished wood blocks. The following idea was inspired by a customer wanting a unique activity for baby shower guests:

Personalized Baby Blocks

Provide baby shower guests with the materials needed to create one-of-a-kind wooden blocks to decorate the nursery. This fun hands-on experience will keep guests busy as they share their design ideas with others and look for inspiration for their own creation. Best of all, the result is a unique keepsake gift that the new parents will treasure for many years to come and that the child will be able to enjoy when a bit older.

Necessary Supplies

Begin by purchasing a sufficient supply of unfinished wood blocks. Bear Woods offers high-quality blocks in several different sizes, but the 1-1/2 inch cubes are the ideal size for this project. Be sure to order extras, in case guests wish to create multiple blocks or want to perfect their design after an initial try. Next, think about how the blocks will be used, and whether it makes sense to paint the unfinished blocks before the baby shower. If so, purchase non-toxic paint and foam brushes, and complete a base coat of color.


baby shower craft blocks ideas

Next, decide how the blocks will be decorated. One option is to provide permanent markers in a range of colors, and suggest that each guest writes a message to the new family, share a favorite memory or express their best wishes. For those who want to take the craft a step further, Decoupage is a great way to create unique and highly textured blocks. Stencils and paint are yet another way to decorate unfinished or painted wood blocks. No matter what supplies are provided, be sure to set up workstations where guests can work on their project, and materials to protect the table or work surface.

It is important to plan for how the blocks will be finished and presented to the new parents. Plan for a drying area where decorative finishes can be left to dry.

The Inspiration

This keepsake item was inspired by a customer who needed an activity at a baby shower for the newest addition to the family. Her review of the product is as follows: “I was very impressed with the quality of these wooden blocks. These were used at a large baby shower – guests were invited to decorate/personalize a block for the baby. I was asked a number of times where I was able to find these plain wooden blocks. Thank you for offering a great product.”

At Bear Woods Supply Company, we take pride in our collection of quality woodworking tools and supplies, and we invite you to visit our website to learn more about our company and products.

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