New for 2017 Woodworking Plans Now in Stock!

JUNE 13, 2017

wooden model car and truck parts to give away

You can spend hours creating your own design for a delightful wood model of your favorite vehicle, just check out our extensive list of new and existing plans and patterns. Our brands of wood model plans allow you to create a well-crafted product for sale or gifting.

New Featured Product: Woodworking Plans for Cars and Trucks

Bear Woods Supply Company is excited to bring you the newest woodworking plans from Toys and Joys. These richly-detailed full-sized plans will be mailed right to your door. The result is hours of woodworking fun. We are proud to present you with new for 2017 woodworking plans. These richly-detailed models will result in professional-class pieces you’ll be proud to display anywhere. As amazing gifts or items to sell on your website, these full-sized plans guide you step by step through the process of fashioning models from beautiful wood.

3 New for 2017 Truck and Trailer Patterns

The 50’s Tow Truck Woodworking Plan is a precision drafted full sized plan by Toys and Joys. This woodworking plan comes with a complete, at-a-glance materials list, easy to follow instructions and beautifully precise patterns that will allow you to create a quality 50’s tow truck replica to display, give as a gift or sell as you please.

The Dually Pick Up Truck Pattern is another new Toy and Joys patterns you can order right from our website. This is a pattern that any truck enthusiast is sure to love. The pattern also comes with a full material list and easy to follow instructions that are sure to make your result something to be proud of.

The Horse Trailer Pattern is an excellent stand-alone project or a great complementing part to any of our available truck patterns. This new for 2017 Toy and Joys pattern, like the previous two, comes with a complete material list, easy to follow instructions and a precise pattern that help you create a beautiful replica that is sure to impress.

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adirondack furniture patterns

Need More? Plans for Other Great Wood Products

Don’t stop with just model cars. Bear Woods Supply Company also carries plans for woodworking items, including furniture and clocks. You can find all of these easy to download woodworking patterns on our website. Our furniture and clock patterns will enable you to make beautiful and useful pieces that you can utilize yourself, give as a gift for any event or sell.

A Staple 1928 Chevrolet Pickup Pattern for Classic Car Fans

This may not be a new pattern, but our clients sure do love it. Are you a Chevy fan? Here’s a little history of the 1928 Chevrolet Pickup:

Don’t forget to check out our great selection and pricing on parts like wheels and axel pegs to help ensure you projects success!

adirondack furniture patterns

In fierce competition with Ford, Chevrolet sold its 1928 490 model half-ton pickup under the name Superior (later changed to Capitol). The vehicle consisted of only the chassis and cowl (frame and wheels, engine, engine cover and operational mechanisms) for the basic price of $595. Customers could then either build their own cab and body or purchase those parts from third-party manufacturers. For extra charges, they could get a factory-built cab and windshield, but they still had to provide their own bed or body. Many of these finishing elements were crafted from wood, as were the wheel spokes.

Although sold as pickups for light delivery, 1928 Chevy pickups could also take the body of a sedan if the buyer preferred. It had a 102-inch wheelbase, good for either a small truck or passenger car. The 1928 Chevrolet pickup was the last model year that featured a four-cylinder motor. The next model year brought out the first of Chevrolet’s six-cylinder pickup engines and metal cabs, which gave them a temporary leg up on the rivals from Ford.

You’ll enjoy building the 1928 Chevrolet Pickup with the plan by Toys and Joys. This woodworking model shows one of the more standard cabs and pickup bodies available at the time. Once you’ve finished the 1928 Chevrolet Pickup plan, you can add to your array of vintage cars and trucks from our collection of Antique Car models too!

Our plans create impressive results for the beginning woodworker as well as the experienced. Ready to start on your own project? Visit our website to learn more about our woodworking plans currently in stock.

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